BCM325 Pitch: Demystifying Decarbonisation Novums

Jess Wainwright


Our DA idea was initially sparked by the finding that environmental photography is one of the worst types of photography for the environment, along with travel and landscape photography, due to the high amount of transportation involved. We wanted to try to find another way to capture important scenes of the environment, so the idea of creating novums in a miniature scale and photographing them in a studio setting was born.

When researching and writing our weekly blog post for this DA, we will be making use of news articles, videos, industry reports and blog articles. We want to try and stay away from privately hosted academic sources unless absolutely necessary, as these are not freely accessible to our audience.

The aim of this DA is to inspire and inform online audiences about the tech currently available to us and how it can (and will) make…

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Moral Panics – BCM 215 Contextual Report


The Idea and the Pitch

In my pitch I outlined my interest in the phenomena known as moral panics. A concept which found to have clear and direct links to game media. I wanted to explore the moral panics which were at the forefront of social and mainstream media  at the moment. I decided to compliment this by looking at previous moral panics and wanted expand further by exploring how moral panics may come to be in the future. 

In my pitch I outlined the preliminary research I had done and used that to decide on a an analytical framework I could use to tackle the topic. More on that a bit later. What was important to note in my initial research was the foundations of term moral panic actually came after its first instances. I learn that while the term was coined in the 60s instances of the theory…

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Engaging with Media – Update

Boswell's Brain

A few weeks ago, I wrote a mid-semester update of some of the films we have been studying in our ‘Future Cultures’ class at Uni.

In this post, I will be adding the second half of that project and some highlights from it. These highlights are not the entirety of our conversations, but a few points that stood out to me throughout the rest of the semester. These include quotes, articles, conversations, and more.

You may remember from my last post that our commentary ranges from personal thoughts to academic analysis, all for the purpose of unpacking ‘Future Cultures’ within various media. You can check out all my tweets at my Twitter: @BoswellSbrain. Here are a few examples:

Robot and Frank

Robot and Frank, directed by Jake Schreier, was possibly my personal favourite movie. Jake’s film is a combination of hilarious moments, ethical questions, optimistic & pessimistic views…

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Contextual report Our Planet

Corey Moore

Links to the Pitch

I wanted to look at case studies done in the scientific field and look at what science is predicting not just about the future of global warming but other axis/boundaries that could cause our planet to stop being able to support life. population growth, food production, deforestation etc. I want to explore and highlight emerging technologies/practices that are helping reverse the effects we are having on the planet and hopefully prolonging the time we have for our planet to support us. Finally, I wanted to look at if we can’t save life on our planet, what is being done to save humanity.

Below are a list of my main sources

Chakrabarty, Dipesh. ‘The Anthropocene and the Convergence of Histories’ in The Anthropocene and the Global Environmental Crisis, eds. Hamilton, Gemenne and Bonneuil. Routledge, 2015, pp. 44-56.








The main topics from the weekly lectures that I drew from were future thinking, trajectories, the Anthropocene, forecasting and realism. I used these concepts to define my parameters and looked at humankinds effect on the earth.

I tried several times to engage with public audience weather through our views talking about the Anthropocene.

But even if others in classed watched the lectures they only liked my posts and not comment on it. So, these discussions were shut down. When doing my DA, I spend a lot of time doing poles on reddit communities linked to my topic mostly pt2 i was really hoping for a community curated list, but most were shut down by moderators or worse just treated as if I wanted them to do so homework for me. I also linked my DA to said reddits but they all got taken down by moderators for not being first hand sources or other reasons more ridiculous.

As for the feed back from my peers, the first comment talked a lot about a production cycle. I took this to heart and had a pretty well-defined production line in week 4-5 but due to covid and work stress my timeline keep getting pushed back. Originally, I had a audio commentary for part 1 and 3 views that I had in each post but when I went to edit the audio for part 1 Netflix’s doco I found it had way too much blank audio I only had like 30mins of commentary for an hr plus viewing.

It is Definitely something I failed at and will look to revisit before updating and adding it. I think I needed more then dot points to talk about linked to lectures and an actual script or to do 10mins at a time or something.

The second comment on my pitch made me think my reddit idea was the right part. I’m never using reddit for anything like this again. Honestly my whole experience with the platform was terrible no sub reddit really wanted to discuss anything its more here is a link I found like me now, asking reddit communities to engage with you sucks.

My final comment gave me an idea for a viewing but I already had in my mine the viewing I wanted to use for pt3 before I started.

If I’m to evolve this DA I want to really add in those audio commentaries and maybe flesh pt. 2 out more instead of it being only about climate change make it also about preparations we can start making for the inevitable.

Lovers of Live – BCM325 DA Contextual Essay


As stated in my pitch, Lovers of Live is my existing DA that consists of a WordPress blog and an Instagram account that reviews, and celebrates, live music events.

I approached the Future Cultures DA challenge in BCM325 by iterating Lovers of Live content to focus on the next 5 years of the future of live music. To do this in a way that aligned with my existing, engaging audience, I chose to focus on specific artists like BTS, Harry Styles and ABBA to explore the ways in which the future of live music encompasses the Anthropocene, Wendell Bell’s futurology, paradigm shifts in media and technological innovations.

www.loversoflive blogs includes:

@loversoflive Instagram posts/Reel includes:

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Let’s Talk About ADHD – contextual report

Amelia Phelps Journalism

In Future Cultures, students are tasked with producing adigital artefact (DA)that addresses the future in the short or long term.

Image 1: Let’s Talk About ADHD – a contextual report
Source: Amelia Phelps | CANVA

You can view my Digital Artefact here:

Digital Artefact Pitch

Part 1 of my business plan

Part 2 of my business plan

Let’s Talk About ADHD socials:Instagram,Twitter,Facebook.

In this contextual report I will:

  1. Summarise how my DA has drawn on relevant BCM325lecture concepts and topics
  2. Provide evidence ofengagement with target publics
  3. Discusspeer feedback
  4. Appraise my DA’ssuccess and limitations
  5. Conclude with a statement on thefuture of my DA

1. Summary of applied lecture concepts and topics and how my DA addressed the future cultures challenge

From the onset and throughout the duration of my digital artefact, I employed various concepts and ideas adopted…

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Let’s Talk About ADHD – a summary

Amelia Phelps Journalism

In Future Cultures, students are tasked with producing a digital artefact (DA) that addresses the future and has a clear target audience and public utility.

In this summary I will:

  1. Outline my DA – including the concept, methodology, public utility and trajectory.
  2. Identify background research that informed my DA.
  3. Provide evidence of continual refinement of DA across the duration of the semester – a timeline comparison of the one included in my original DA pitch vs. how the project actually progressed.

1. DA overview

At the start of this semester, I pitched a concept to produce a business plan for my pre-existing Instagram account/brand – Let’s Talk About ADHD – spanning across three blog posts, as well as a nine-week content production/posting schedule. The resulting final product closely reflects this pitch; however, a structural change to the business plan was made and it was split into two posts rather than…

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The Future of Let’s Talk About ADHD – Part 2

Amelia Phelps Journalism

For my BCM325 Digital Artefact (DA), I am producing a business plan that spans across a two-part blog series. The plan addresses the short-term future of my brand – Let’s Talk About ADHD – and personal career. Part 2 includes a competitive market overview, summary of digital content created across the span of the DA, content calendar for May 2022 and a coinciding post and profile metric performance report, 2-year planned trajectory for my business and an audio segment on the future of content creation and digital marketing. 

Image 1: The Future of Let’s Talk About ADHD – Part 2
Source: Amelia Phelps | Canva

Competitive Overview

Until 2021, there were but a few ADHD content creators online – think@adhd_couple,@the_mini_adhd_coachand@adhd_alien. These creators had their own distinct brand, name, style of content and followings. But the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns saw anexponential growth

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The Impact Of Films From The Future

Michael's Blog

Contextual Report

Grab from an edit for Insta page

Reflecting on some of the movies we have been watching and discussing in class, I wanted to explore the idea of what portrayals of the future will look like…in the future.

We can see through the observation of movies the wonders that the future may hold or what was once believed the future would definitely be like. What I wanted to explore was how accurate these portrayals have been and what portrayals of the future will look like knowing what we know now. The whole idea here with this idea was to reflect upon the differences between what people believed the future would be like and what the future actually turned out to be like as we are living in it.

My plan was to make an Instagram page in which I would post clips and screen grabs from movies we…

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