FPV – An Introduction

T H I N K Sam

Cyberculture can be referred to as the “response to the ubiquitous presence and use of computers and networks for aspects of contemporary social life” for example entertainment.  I like to link ‘computers’ to a broader extension of what is thought of, in a PC or laptop, but to a motherboard of controls to arduino to smart robotics. This leads into my fascination with drones. Over the last year I’ve built an expertise looking into Drones In Agriculture as well as Production, Consumption and Representation of Drones in China which allowed me to then extend the interest into FPV Drone Racing. In an attempt to break down what FPV drone enthusiasts actually do, I’m going to, from a complete beginners perspective, attempt to educate and isolate various elements so that eventually a league or club can be formed under my knowledge. 

FPV or First Person View racing can firstly be catergorised into…

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One thought on “FPV – An Introduction”

  1. Drones have really taken the world by storm, I had the chance to use one before and it was quite astounding to use all the different feature. Even now, new drones are coming out that can follow you from a distance and one that detaches from your wrist, travels several metres and takes a picture for you. Since it is a new technology, laws are slowly being put into place and I feel like that will be something you have to touch on in your research – looking at the regulations, what you’re allowed to do and what the government is looking to change. The videos of drone racing I’ve seen look epic so I’ll be keen to see what you put together in the end.

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