Tweeting up a Storm- Reflections on Live Tweeting Round 2

Oh my blog

Alright, this blog post is dedicated to the second round of reflecting on the live tweeting process. I think ultimately that after some of the feedback I received on my first blog post, it was clear to me that I needed to give my tweets a little more sustenance. The other thing that I needed to improve upon was making sure that I was hitting the target of at least ten tweets per screening as I previously had a few weeks where I only wrote eight tweets. To help me prepare for more engaging live tweets I decided that I would research the movie before watching it. This ended up being an extremely helpful decision, especially with movies that had more complex plot lines. Taking into account all of these things mentioned I came out with a far better and more complex line of thought, which reflects in the following…

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Critically Evaluate Live Tweets (W8-W12)

I’m proud to say my live-tweeting skill has been improved greatly.

The last critical reflection about live tweets helps me on week8-12. I collected feedbacks from,

  • A, the comments and advice from my tutor, Angus,
  • B, other student’s first self-reflection blog in the Future Culture blog
    The combination of both worked very well for me.

Based on all the information I gathered, I changed my preparation routine for screening slightly. Here is my prepare routine.

  • Go to Wikipedia, IMDB (or another similar film introduction website) to read through the main storyline, and write down the things that I think I can dig deeper.
  • Go through the Lecture.
  • Search the relevant academic reports, news, behind the scenes facts or any other external information to the film and my notes. I usually pay extra attention to topics like Techno-Orientation and product placement.

(I choose those two particular topics because of personal interest…

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Critically Evaluate BETA Comments

To have a clear understanding of their Beta, I watched the videos and the context descriptions twice, just like what I did for the Pitch. I then make a list of things I like and things I think could be done better about their Beta. The list, along with the Beta rubric is convenient for me to do further relevant research. While I critically evaluate their Beta, I also keep notes of things that can apply to my Digital Artefact.


Rebecca’s DA is on the topic of female safety. She plans to use a facebook page as the community where women can share experience and give advice.

As a female myself, I really appreciate things she is trying to do. But I doubt the platform she uses because I think stay anonymous can help women to speak freely. So I suggest her to look for what fan communities have…

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Future Cultures Live Tweeting: The Experience – Part 2

Alex Mastronardi

This post will provide a critical self reflection of my live tweeting ability during the second round of movie screenings in BCM325 – Future Cultures, and the levels of engagement I obtained. The overall live tweeting experience has provided me with a new and useful skill that I didn’t previously have. I am now able to translate this skill into other aspects of professional life such as reporting an event, critically evaluating media and other texts, or even note taking in a meeting.

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My Live Tweeting Experience in #BCM325 Future Cultures part two

Jiafeng Guo

From week 8 to 12, I was more used to live tweeting the film each week, and it is indeed a great example of presentational media. All in all, I harvested a lot from this experience, but there are still things I need improving. The following parts can best express my advantages and disadvantages during the whole process.

First of all, the preparation work I did proved to be very helpful. Different from the first six weeks focusing too much on the plot of each film, this time I spent time doing some work beforehand including background information searching, tweets prewriting, weekly lectures watching etc. The seemingly unconspicuous work let me have more time to interact with my fellow students in tweeting, consider some in-depth questions, and absorb knowledge in a broader scale. Furthermore, by trying to jump out, I found it interesting to sum up the whole process of…

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Beta be good

LooLou Bear

My first Beta response is towards Brandon Cotter which speaks about the use of Sonar technology in the future and how it will help those that are visually impaired. I congratulated Brandon for being able to take his feedback he had received from his first Digital artefact and I had recommended and questioned him on several aspects of his Beta in hopes to improve his final work.  I had asked Brandon how he was going to present his Digital artefact to the public. I been able to find out if he was going to be creating a podcast, blog, video or perhaps something else.  I had asked this with the intention that perhaps his Digital Artefact would be easily accessible to an audience that perhaps would be looking for this content. I understand that he has been tweeting about the topic but perhaps this is too board of a Digital Artefact…

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DA Pitch Comment Review & Reflection (Part 2)

Ray Nguyen

Continued on my assessment in BCM325 – Future Cultures, I was tasked to review and give feedback on another three of my peers’ pitch presentations for their Digital Artefact (DA) project. During the process of giving feedback, I found myself spending much time considering how to comment constructively. Speaking an emotive mother tongue, I am aware that my careless word usage can result in offending people. Therefore, I am very self-conscious when giving feedback to my peers.

To look into my contribution to my peers’ pitch presentations, I present my critical self-reflection of my comments on three DA pitches below.

Pitch 1: Future of Human Lifestyle

Desmon’s original DA topic was about the future of communication. However, some of his feedback suggested that he could narrow his topic down as it was too broad. For that reason, now he decides to focus on the future of the convenience of human lifestyle.

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Friendly Feedback – BCM325

Taleasha Rose

I love the idea of sharing feedback on other DA’s! It allows me to read about things that I may not have if it weren’t for BCM325. Things such as marketing/advertising and computer-generated imagery.


I’m not going to lie, I freaked out when I saw marketing and advertising mentioned! But I was intrigued to hear Jessica’s audio about her Beta.
I loved the fact that Jessica took on board her pitch feedback and implemented it into her DA Beta, and she was clearly interested in what she was doing for her DA.
After listening to Jessica’s first podcast, it definitely led me to remember the BCM110 and BCM112 content surrounding filter bubbles, etc.

The only kind of critical feedback I could really think of was when the podcasts would be posted – daily, weekly, etc.? I suggested that posting the podcasts consistently and at roughly the same time each…

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Tweeting will never be my thing

LooLou Bear

My live tweeting experience within BCM future cultures class has always been difficult for me in terms of being able to post freely without concern of judgment or criticism. Some weeks had been better than others which I believe was mainly put on the fact of what stimulus I had to respond to and how engaged I was. Over the semester, especially during the last few week I had learned to embrace tweeting more and just not care what people think, I was then able to express myself in a more open manner due to the tweeting becoming a weekly tradition.

Although most of my tweets were not as successful in terms of likes and retweets, I feel my tweets have been a genuine representation of my own reactions and not something I had found off the internet and just tweeted it to the tag. Some of my tweets didn’t…

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