It was the best of tweets;it was the worst of tweets


Unlike President Trump, who callously posts whatever thought comes to mind, I find there is a great deal to be learned about my online presence through some healthy self-reflection.

Overall, I feel positive about how my live- tweeting has progressed and improved each week so far. I think that while I didn’t often post pre-generated tweets, I did post topical, related content through a frame I felt comfortable commenting on. I think this authenticity helped to generate audience engagement amongst my peers and it was tweets that demonstrated novel facts or insights that had the highest interaction. A few examples can be seen below.

Week 1- Metropolis

As I should have expected, week one was (without a doubt) my worst week for live-tweeting. Not only was there very limited engagement with other people’s tweets, but my own provided no context to those not viewing Metropolis as to…

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A self-Analysis of Analysis


As a sufferer of anxiety, this prospect provides the ultimate paradox. This should be something I can do well because I am self-critical of myself all the time, and yet the very reason this blog has been written as late as it has is because of the debilitating effects anxiety disorders produce…anyway…let’s get critical!

For this task I was assigned the DA pitches of Nick, Jasmyn and Josh. Looking at the comments overall- I feel I gave constructive feedback and provided them with relevant resources to enhance the ultimate direction of their DA’s. It was interesting to see how the elements of their different ideas helped put my own DA into a clearer perspective, despite the vast difference between all our ideas. I think this is the true beauty of feedback; you not only help others but your comments also help iteration for yourself!

A difficulty I encountered overall was…

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steff harris

It took me some time to realise the importance of live-tweeting. At first I thought it was more of a way to just check if we’re still alive for an 8:30 tutorial, but what do you know? There’s much more to it.

Live tweeting kept me focused and attentive to what was going on in front of me. I found myself searching for hidden “clues” in the movie as to what would happen next. I tried to put myself inside of the directors head, focusing on messages being sent to the audience; the aesthetics (camera angles, lighting, tone, music); the themes of the film; the feeling the views get.

I focused on all of these bits and pieces in the film while simultaneously switching back to my notes, various tabs, replying to tweets, and refreshing the BCM325 Twitter feed.

Live tweeting keeps you in the moment. It allowed…

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all about my live tweeting experience


Kendal Louis

BCM 325 – Future Cultures

A key component of BCM 225 Future Cultures are the ‘live tweeting’ sessions. These sessions involve BCM students engaging on Twitter during screenings of numerous sci-fi/future themed films via sending a series of tweets on various aspects of the films as it unfolds. This is also includes interacting with BCM classmate’s own tweets at the same time by replying, liking and retweeting.

The nature of the tweets involves discussing the production of the film, the history, genre, narrative, how it was received, by critics, if there have been any adaptation’s made and my own interpretation of the film.


The first film I live tweeted was Metropolis, a 1927 German Science fiction Film. Metropolis was directed by Fritz Lang, and shows Lang’s vision of a grim futuristic society. The film is said to contain some of the most impressive images in film history. 

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Pitch presentation comments summary


Below I take aim at highlighting the key aspects of the three comments I curated on my BCM325 Future Culture Class Mates. I attempted in each of my comments, to discuss and share my thoughts on the subject manner of their pitch; take a look at the practicality and thus methodology,; contribute some of my own research on the topic; and offer insight into my take on their assignment in relation to the subject topics.

  • Aysha – Fake News

Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 7.27.44 pm.png

This comment was easy to write, i’ve done some previous research on the topic and take general interest in it. I spoke about the importance of the topic, and how I believe the how its cruciality over time would increase. I also speak about finding the root of the misinformation, and understanding its dissemination.

I explored the broader public utility by looking at how people understand information and the concept…

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Curation of tweets & interactions – Part 1


Live tweeting in class isn’t something I’ve come across in any subject before, so to me, it sounded like a bit of a daunting task. It’s said that it’s “designed to demonstrate your ability to engage in research, critically evaluate a text and engage in productive and convivial discussion in real-time.” After having live tweeted over the past 5 weeks, I found that it was a hard process. However, once class transitioned to being delivered online and we were instructed to stream the movie at our own pace, it became a bit easier, maybe because there’s less distractions around me.

I’m not a movie person, so chances are that I’ve seen the movies that we’re planned to watch, is very unlikely. So at first, I would prepare some background research on the movie being watched and formulate some tweets, readying myself to post them during the viewing. The tweets I…

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Live-tweeting so far

Jenna Fairweather blog

Each week of Uni, I have been live tweeting a different movie with my classmates. This began by physically going to UOW for my tutorial, and live tweeting all in one room together while watching the movie on a big screen in front of us. Amid the spread of Covid-19, this turned into watching the set movie at a set time each week, live-tweeting together in the confines of our own homes.

Within this post, I will be reflecting on some of these interactions with others and how they helped to broaden my knowledge and analysis of the movies viewed.

Some Interactions:

The first lot of tweets I am going to focus on specifically, are conversations with others and contributions I have made on other posts.

In week 1 we watched and live-tweeted Metropolis. I had never seen or heard of this movie before, so I am very glad that…

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