BCM 325 beta presentation (AI in the workplace)


“Machine will do more Tasks then humans by 2025 but Robot revolution will still create 58 million Net New Job in nxt five years” (World economic forum, 2018)

With the advancement of technologies, AI and robots are engaging in our workplace, many people agree that the robot revolution will be the disaster of our future workplace while some people think it is a new opportunity to enlarge the future workplace, including more new skills are needed and jobs are created by the Robot revolution.

“AI can be our friend”
Bill Gates 2018

As I mentioned in the video, I changed the format of my DA, the details are the following:

The first part of DA includes the background and development of AI, and how the media perceived AI in the future workplace like movies and music videos.
The second part of DA will include the current situation with AI in…

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beta: The future of education: Online Learning

Link: https://youtu.be/q5ZFJdK6mt0

In the last few weeks, I have been doing some further research for my digital artefact, “The Future of Education: Online Learning”. I have recently made some public engagements with my peers by posting my pitch on Twitter as well as two new survey polls. I also made the first part of my 2-part mini series, talking about the short to medium-term changes and posted it on YouTube and WordPress. 

I am currently looking for more academic/scholarly and news/media sources to continue making the final DA. Throughout the weeks before my final DA, I will also make the second part of my 2-part mini series, telling further on my DA and inviting the audience to come back and view my DA. I will then post my DA on YouTube and WordPress.


Bell, Wendell 1998. Making people responsible: The possible, the probable, and the preferable. American Behavioral Scientist, Vol 42(3), Nov-Dec, 1998 Special Issue: Future studies in higher education, pp. 323-339.

Nemroff, D., 2014. Technology in Education: A Future Classroom. [online] YouTube. Available at: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZ73ZsBkcus&gt;

Beta: Our Future with Pollution

Ten Apples

After having “BCM325 Digital Artifact Pitch: Pollution in the Future” and “BCM325 Pitch Supplementary“, here comes the beta presentation of my project called “Our Future with Pollution“.

Beta presentation:

YouTube Video on Beta Presentation.

The content flow of the videos is going to be utilized. Start from introducing the pollution, predicting the future life, and what we can do to have improvement. And in the video, I am going to take references from the internet, including historical records like Pea Soup Fog, video games like Oxygen not included, and movies like Wall-E.

Apart from what I am going to include in the video, I am going to provide some related, additional, informative videos. They are going to be mentioned by using the card function on YouTube. Audiences can choose to have further understanding by clicking on the videos if having an…

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Beta project (cyborg)

#BCM325 Future Cultures #Week 8 #Explanation of My Project

“The cyborg is a kind of disassembled and reassembled, postmodern collective and personal self.” (Haraway,2000).

The appearance of “Cyborg” blurred the line between origin and reproduction. It breaks the concept from “Creations.” Everyone has to admit it is a futuristic and mystic topic. That is the reason why it attracts me to use “Cyborg” as my project.

I believe people may found hard to understand this academic topic with lots of technical terms. At first, I wanted my videos to be informative, to help people clearly understand the concept of “Cyborg”.

However, I changed my mind after I posted the first video to Youtube. When I read the comments, I found out people misunderstood, even afraid of “Cyborg” and the future. At that moment, I wanted my video to become educative and reflective. People would reflect their attitude of facing the future after they watch my video.

Here’s the short video that I’m introducing my beta project

Before, I was thinking about creating three short videos that suitable for the general public. I decide from now on, each video would have its specific target group audiences and utility function. People could learn different things through my video.


Haraway, D. J. (2000). A cyborg MANIFESTO: Science, technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the late twentieth century. Posthumanism, 69-84. doi:10.1007/978-1-137-05194-3_10