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  1. Hayden Curley – Sustainable Footprint


Hayden’s digital artefact is an in-depth look on how human consumption will affect the environment in 10 years’ time in biodiversity. He will be creating a twitter account sharing information and articles, and an Instagram account sharing visual content. 

In terms of content, he stated that he will share information to his twitter account to raise awareness of this issue, I suggested that sharing articles that reference what will happen if no action is taken would also be beneficial to the audience as they will be able to empathise for the situation and I recommended a link that may help him discover them.

I also suggested to grow his public utility by joining another platform called ‘Reddit’. This is to ensure that he is able to be more engaged with his audience and discuss them at a more personal level.

  1. Bella Creswick – Fortune…

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BCM325: Peer Comments

Hello,I am Shuning.

First comment to Lydia:

My first feedback comment was on Lydia McGahey’s pitch. This project will be in the form of WordPress blog series focusing to educate people about the environment and actions, and the damage this is having to our present and future world. This is a topic with a positive impact. She is also quite explicit about the formulation of the project plan.
I suggested that she broaden the scope and appeal to people to protect the environment. I also offered two examples about environmental protection.

Through her blog post, I realized that I should connect my Pitch with the future. For example, the future trend of the restaurant industry.

From a macro point of view, I think there will be three major trends in the catering industry in the next decade: In the future, some roadside restaurants with the bad environment will be eliminated. At the same…

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My Contribution to the Conversation- Reflecting on My Live Tweeting


This blog post containing tweets and analysis is in regards to Live-tweeting exercises I have been participating in for the last 4 weeks for my Future Cultures class (BCM325).

The following tweets are a curation of some of my most significant contributions and interactions during the live tweeting of a weekly screening that explores the concept of the future. During the past 4 weeks, we have watched, ‘Metropolis‘ (1927), ‘2001: A Space Odyssey‘ (1968), ‘Westworld‘ (1973), and ‘Blade Runner‘ (1982) .


Unsurprisingly I found my first week of live-tweeting to be the most difficult. Having never done it before, I felt…

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Comment Review

Daily Dash of Danielle

Throughout the duration of BCM325 we are required to comment on 3 of our peer’s pitch ideas. This allows us to interact and give relevant feedback to our classmates, whilst also broadening the ways in which we think about the future. Ultimately assisting us in coming up with new and innovative approaches to look at our own projects.

Comment 1“How will Retail Therapy Change? #BCM325 PITCH <33” By Stephanie Jory.

Stephanie’s project is a 3-part weblog series that focus’ on the longevity of the retail industry, in a world where ecommerce is on the rise. I found this project interesting because it raises a lot of questions about the retail industry and its validity in the 21st century. In my comment I mentioned her ability to directly link her project back to the weekly lecture content material, as this was an overall standout to me because none…

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Peer Commentary


For BCM325, I had to comment on three of my peers’ DA pitches. I provided feedback using my own research on their topics, as well as referencing learned lecture content.

First Comment

The first pitch I commented on was Victoria’s. Her DA is a Twitch account on which she’ll be streaming herself playing video games, as well as an Instagram account she’ll be using to promote her Twitch channel.

Comment Summary:

  • Tori’s research revealed that Twitch streamers have seen an increase in popularity during lockdown, so I suggested an article that discusses the future of gaming post-coronavirus
  • She didn’t include a posting plan in her pitch, so I offered her research on how often she should be posting on Instagram and Twitch. It is recommended everyday on Instagram, and 3-5 days on Twitch, so I suggested she make a posting schedule to keep her on track
  • The only social media…

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#BCM325 Peer Comments: A Reflection


As a part of my studies in Future Cultures (BCM325) we are required to analyse and comment on our peers’ pitches for the major project. (You can see my own pitch here.)

This was an interesting task as giving feedback to other students is not something I am used to. However, I really enjoyed learning about the other project’s people have come up with and found the process of critically thinking about their projects interesting.

The following three peer comments, summarise what their pitch was about, reveal what I commented and include my reflection on my own feedback.

Peer Comment #1: (Emma’s Pitch)


For this project Emma is planning to create a podcast series alongside the rest of the Chàe Media team. The focus of this podcast will be discussing: the future of Chàe Media, the BCM325 screenings, BCM325…

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peer pitch commentary

Emma Jenkins

I really enjoyed everyone’s pitches and giving my thoughts on different viewpoints! I had the pleasure of looking at Misha Goldrick, Alina Hager & Taylah Ide-Miller.

Comment 1:

My first comment was on Misha’s post about Social Media vs. The Film Industry, I loved this idea because as I mentioned in the comment it’s not one that I typically think about how movies are marketed. I suggested that looking at one or two movies per blog post would be good to look into and reflect on those each time, seeing the differences in them. I actually lacked linking the websites in my comments to how they will help Misha but I hope that the one I linked could help as it looks at trends within the marketing of the industry. It looks at digital impacts, the influencer rise and the high tech factors, these factors all…

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Live Tweeting Curation

michaela shales

Memes are always superior in BCM

Sci-Fi movies and I don’t necessarily have the best relationship. It is sort of one of those genres that I deliberately stay away from. As a result, at some stages of live tweeting I found it really hard to properly engage with other students because I literally am way too confused. So far I have only seen one film prior to the seminar – Metropolis, but only because I studied it for the HSC and I still have nightmares. 

To make my life easier in preparation for each seminar I briefly research the film and curate some Tweets before I start the screening. In the first week or so, I would prepare about 8 tweets, but as the weeks went on I chose to only prepare 6 at the most. This has given me the chance to participate in actual live tweeting. It…

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BCM325 Live-tweeting reflection

Allen's blog

In this semester we are required to watch some classic movie which were related to future culture, I also have an opportunity to admire the imagination of these great director from twentieth century. However, we are not only watching these movie but also share our experience which is live-tweeting at the immediate time during the tutorial. I‘ve never tired to watch a movie and post my viewing experience on twitter at the same time, it was quite intersting to share my thought on twitter and also interact with other classmates. In the rest of the post I will share some of my original tweets and the tweets that I like from other classmates, I think I could find out something that I need to improve for my live-tweeting skills through the contrast.


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My project is to look at the future of online dating and how I want to improve the security and safety when talking and meeting people, encouraging spontaneity by going beyond swiping and chatting behind our mobile-phones. ​

​How it works

When creating your online profile, each user will have to share three forms of id. This is where the app will keep track of each user, in hope to eliminate current issues such as cat-fishing and lying. ​

Regarding avoiding danger in person, we will partner with trendy bars & venues which people can post and plan to meet up with a user at a certain time. It’s safe because it’s a venue with security, it’s trendy because it’s curated to only the coolest bars and venues and there’s no pressure. Measures will be in place to protect users.  


Extra Research

Another scholarly article Published in the

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