BCM325 – Live Tweet Summary 1

Alana Smith

For the first 5 weeks of BCM325 we had to live tweet our experience of the films Metropolis (1927), 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Westworld (1978), Blade Runner (1982), and Ghost In The Shell (1995). It definitely was an interesting practice to undertake as it involves not only paying attention to the actual movie but also posting relevant and engaging tweets under the #BCM325 hashtag. 

Week 1: Metropolis (1927)

Being a silent film, Metropolis was quite a challenging film to begin live tweeting. This week my tweets definitely focused more on interesting facts about the film which although some were rather successful, I definitely could have put more time into researching my tweets to make them more critically engaging and interesting. 

Week 2: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

2001: A Space Odyssey was definitely a more engaging film for me personally. It posed a lot of deep questions that forced…

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Live Tweeting – BCM 325 — Sean’s Blog

This post will provide a critical self-reflection of my live tweeting ability during the movie screenings in BCM325 – Future Cultures, and the levels of engagement I achieved in my tweets. Despite being new to live tweeting while watching, I felt that I missed key aspects of  dialog or story as I was trying to […]

Live Tweeting – BCM 325 — Sean’s Blog

Tweety bird #BCM325

Steph's Blog

As far as attendance goes, the start of this semester was a little rocky for me in trying to get my work schedule in check. My tweeting was therefore non-existent but I finally got the hang of it and let me tell you its genuinely one of my favourite parts in my week. My Thursday mornings now consist of pilates, come back with coffee in hand, pop on the couch, set up the screening, popcorn for breakfast and away we go.

My approach to tweeting has been to be informative about the movie, humorous to some degree and craft ideas whilst engaging with fellow peers who both share similar or different views on the screening.

Here are the past 2 weeks of tweets, which is what I have been able to attend thus far. First up :

Week 4 : Blade Runner 1982

Here are some of the examples of…

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James Muggeridge

Personally, live tweeting during the screening has been a fluctuating experience. There have been tough periods where I have struggled to come up with anything usefuland there have been other times where I feel like I have thoroughly grasped the content.

All movies screened so far have been intriguing. I have tried toanalysefilm techniques used throughout and connect these techniques with the study of future media. Techniques which have stood out to me have been theuse of music,colourand lighting. These techniques were so valuable to any science fiction film to set scenes andconvey messages, especially without the use of today’s technology.

The first screening was ‘Metropolis’. A film, directed by Fritz Lang,based on the Weimer era in Germany where the country was in political and economic turmoil. The protagonist, Freder, shares a conflicting relationship with his father whilst finding hope for a better society in the form of his love…

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James Muggeridge

The art of divination is a sacred act of predicting an unseen or un-forecasted events. An act which to this day can be applied to foreshadow the possibility of negative occurrences, allowing the ability to act and stop such events. My DA involves divination in some aspect as I must predict, backed up with research, a future which either involves or does not involve the use of technology in sport, to prevent a future which spirals out of control.

With this in mind, I have gained motivation to analyse a selection of sports before and after their technological boom to predict a possible future which includes technology or no technology. This in turn will hope to take out the negatives and issues revolving around the current circumstances, and raise hope for a future of sport which focuses on both the correction of the game and the entertainment factor.

When revising…

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Comments 4 the 3 choosen Peers #bcm325

Steph's Blog

From our own Pitches to others, to give praise, recommendation and feedback is a delightful opportunity. Below are the three peers’s pitches I chose to give comment to and a summary and self reflection of my own feedback for each.

First up, Josephine : The Future of Women in Leadership

Summary :

Josephine is exploring the future of women in leadership and its relevance for the growth of society. She plans to do YouTube videos as well as contextual essays and cover the time frame of. This DA already has a well rounded range of sources, with the hopes to speak to women of her community in Illawarra about the topic as a primary resource to further strengthen the validity and reliability of the project.

Self Reflection :

I expressed how I was drawn to the DA in that as a young women myself soon to graduate with the desires…

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LIVE TWEETING? it’s actually fun..

Live tweeting has been very VERY interesting over the past several weeks, however within this blog post, I am wanting to focus on five particular screenings shown throughout the past five weeks of BCM325. 

Throughout this learning experience, I have found it very difficult to stay involved and focused on both the film and tweeting, due to the fact that when I am watching something I hate being distracted or having to think of something… which yes, sounds odd but it’s the truth. I have had a lot of fun and found it very interesting too watch myself try and multitask between screens. I have enjoyed watching and reacting to my peers posts and comments on twitter, I feel as though it has brought us closer together as a class.

I tried to make each tweet engaging, funny and also backed up with information, most of my tweets are either facts I was able to gather while watching the film, background research or things I noticed while watching the film. 

The first screening in which I will be sharing some light on is, 2001: A space Odyssey. Now without going into too much detail of the film, all I can say is, WOW. I loved watching this film and I got very carried away while tweeting, as I thought I had to express every single detail that went through my mind while watching the film…

This tweet is one in which I felt really got my perspective across to others, and I found it very exciting to be able to shared my own opinions on the internet with others. However, i was neglecting several important points from the movie that I could of mentioned through live tweeting, I was very focused on saying what I thought people wanted to read. 

I am very proud of this tweet, as not only was I able to make a connection to another film (the simpsons). It is also my most liked tweet! I want bro improve several of my tweets just like this one by stating that there is a similarity, however I wish I backed up this with a little more information. 

Another tweet in which has stood out to me while go back and looking through my account, is one that states that I was able to collect background information online to be able to back up my own opinion. This also allows for a critical analysis of the film itself. 

Here are some more Tweets posted about the first screening. 

The second screening was ‘Westworld 1973’. My live tweeting skills became more advanced by this time, as I was able to create posts which had reasoning to them and they are a critical analysis of the film. 

Within this tweet, I was bale to provide information from both online and my own opinion of what the movie is based on and what we as an audience should expect for the future involved within this film. 

Even though this tweet post did not have many reactions, I feel as though by asking a question throughout live tweeting can create more engagement with the film and the audience. I was able to again link my own opinion within this live tweet. 

The third screening with BCM325 in which I will be discussing throughout this blog post is ‘The ghost in the shell, 1995”. Now let’s get one thing straight, I really do not enjoy watching anime films, so I did find this live tweeting session a struggle as I could. Not keep myself interested. 

within this tweet you can see that I was very confused during this movie and needed to research a little more information of the film, however, this allowed the film to make a lot more sense towards the end. 

Once again I try to connect another film to this film, and honestly it is so exciting when your brain makes the connection…. I had a lot go fun posting live tweets like this one in particular. It also showcases how two futuristic films had the same idea. 

SO there you have it, my critical self analysis of living tweeting. I want to state two things behind I finish this blog. One, I want to improve my live tweeting by having researched before hadn’t to be able too not only understand the film in more depth but to be able too communicate through live tweeting with more researched and backed up information. And for two, I desperately need to find a streaming website… losing $5 each week is hurting my bank account…. 

TWITTER HANDLE: https://twitter.com/charpierro


And here we have it my three Peer pitch’s comments. I have been able to apply my week knowledge from the serval different lectures, screenings and readings to be able to not only give advice but be able to understand each pitch I have reviewed. 

After watching and reacting to other peer’s pitches, I have realised how many different views and directions people have gone in. This has also allowed myself to understand different peoples views on the future and what they may expect for their own future. By commenting on other pitches I was able to give my honest opinion by incorporating different lectures and readings and also may own research. 

The first Pitch in which I commented on was Sean’s, his Digital artefact is one that he has kept since his first year of University and year 12, Aquilah Productions. His digital artefact has allowed Sean to create his own digital portfolio of his own works on different social media platforms such as Instagram and facebook. The main objective of Sean’s digital artefact is to increase his engagement with his accounts on social media, gain new clients and create interesting and new content for his audience. 

Seans link: https://seansblog128577491.wordpress.com/2021/03/19/the-pitch-bcm235/


Sean’s digital artefact pitch is very focused on his business, within his pitch he stated how it was difficult for him to find research sources, which I then tried to link Sean to an article I found on how to be able to create content for his particular audience. I also went into detail of how I also was someone who loved photography and created their own account on social media. I was able to give Sean some words of wisdom. 

The second pitch in which I reviewed was James’, his Digital artefact is an exploration of sports technology. Through his pitch he provides us with a very detail explanation of why he is focusing on this topic and what he expects for the future. Within my comments I state how he is able top focus on so many different aspects of this topic for the future, and I was able to link James to a particle website in which expresses the revolution of technology within sports. 

I also linked James to our week 2 reading, Parrinder, P. 2000. Learning from other worlds: estrangement, cognition and the politics of science fiction and utopia, Liverpool University Press: Liverpool, as it focuses on two very different worlds of sports and technology. 

James link: https://james.business.blog/2021/03/19/is-technology-detracting-from-the-beauty-of-sport-bcm325-pitch/comment-page-1/?unapproved=590&moderation-hash=01207e9a398d170119cce909f1c1b2ac#comment-590


The third pitch in which I reviewed was by Charlea, her digital artefact focuses on brand communication, in which she perfectly explains throughout her pitch. Charlea has allowed her digital artefact to showcase the future of an account in which she is the social media manager of, this is a great idea as it allows her to predict the future of her social media account through follows, likes and shares.

I was able to link Charlea to a particular article I found online which expresses different ways in which she study and measure the online performance of the social media account for her digital artefact. 

Charlea link: https://justcharlea.wordpress.com/2021/03/18/bringing-fashion-to-the-digital-world/comment-page-1/#comment-259


The Live Tweeting Experience- PT1.


Each week for BCM325 we have been watching a film and live tweeting throughout. Live tweeting was very new to me and seemed quite daunting when the idea was first proposed. In order to be able to tweet and watch the film, I knew I had to organise and prepare myself. Before each film, I would spend some time understanding what the film is about and the general plot. Once I have gained a bit of an understanding, I conduct more research and find sources relating to the film. From there, I will then draft tweets and edit them as I proceed to watch the film and my understanding develops.

2001: A Space Odyssey

This method proved successful, especially during the live tweeting of 2001: A Space Odyssey. I had come up with about 6 draft tweets and another 4 were created during the viewing of the film as thoughts…

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