Tweeting away

Vanessa Fryer

For me, the live tweeting was sometimes a bit of a hit or a miss, for me the class starts right on the minute I finished work on Thursdays, so I would always be driving home connected to Discord through my car for the first hour of the class. Somehow this actually made the classes more engaging for me which was good. The down side to this however was if we were live tweeting the movie in that first hour I would have to join the party late and get all my tweets in! All in all though I really enjoyed the live tweeting experience and the films picked for the class were really interesting to watch!

Alita: Battle Angel – Week 9:

I was honestly surprised at how much I enjoyed this film, It was never something I thought I would be into, and one of the first thoughts…

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Beta’s Back, Back Again

Vanessa Fryer

The following is a collection of peer commentaries I made on 4 of my peers digital artefact blogs. The comments were designed to firstly acknowledge the hard work that would have gone into the making of the DA and all of the behind the scenes work and education that would have happened to get the ball rolling! The 4 peers DA’s I chose belonged to; Jack Boulding, Emma Jenkins, Elissa Rhodes and Bronte Willis.

First up was Jack’s comment:

Jacks Beta was really well put together and as a reader it was very easy to navigate around and understand what was happening. It was nice for them to share what troubles they had found themselves in wit the Beta as it is a working progress, there usually will be bumps along the road. I think it is an important DA to be delving into as music…

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The Final Hurrah #bcm325

Steph's Blog

Pitch Video –Beta Video –

DA Blogs :

1. Retail vs E-com

2. The Covid Impact

My digital artefact explored the future of retail with the rise of e-commerce in the long term future of 10-20 years. This curiosity stemmed from the threats I had observed from my role as an Assistant Manager for a Surf Dive n Ski store , and the threats of e-commerce and the added impact of COVID-19.

E-commerce and COVID-19 in a way teamed up, Covid-19 stopped people from being outside therefore people had to turn to E-commerce for there desired wants and needed essentials like food. From clothing, food, super centres and discount outlets all forms of retail were impacted by people having to stay home. E-commerce however made all of this accessible to consumers, diminishing the need for people to attend the big centres and shopping malls. For retailers this obviously isn’t…

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DA Contextual Essay

Britt's Blog

Pitch Video:

Beta Video:

Digital Artefact: @the_tattered_passport

When looking at my DA and adapting it to the future prospects, I found it quite difficult. Considering my Digital artefact is a travel Instagram – inspired by international travel and different cultures my initial reaction was to change my DA (that I have done for the past 3 years at university) all together. However, as more opportunities came up to travel interstate, I thought this would be a great series to document. My overall goal, throughout my whole 3 years of this DA, has been to promote travel and inspire others to share their experiences – ultimately, this is still my goal now focusing primarily on domestic travel.

Readings such as Impact of COVID-19 on the travel and tourism industry and LIVE BLOG: Coronavirus and the travel industry – impact and recovery were predominate articles in teaching me about the…

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Blog Post 3: Peer Comments

MW Social Media & Marketing

Beta one: Emma Moser

After viewing Emma’s beta video, I gathered that she was basing her DA on the near future of the UOW Visual Arts Society. Emma is the president of the club and wanted to focus on creating a marketing plan for the club to promote it and gain more members. Throughout her process, Emma questioned two things to herself. After watching her beta, I believe that her marketing plan will help to achieve her end goal of the society being known on campus. Emma highlighted her concept, process, and goal for her DA very clearly and ensured that she accompanied this video with a detailed yet concise essay that really helped me as a viewer to understand her views.

Graphical user interface, text, application

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The way in which I could improve on this comment is summarised in a few dot points:

  • Perhaps I could have pulled out more specific examples from her…

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Blog Post 4: Live Tweets

MW Social Media & Marketing

Throughout the remainder of the semester, two weeks stood out in terms of tweets and replies for me personally. These weeks being the screenings of week six and seven.

Week 6 Screening: Blade Runner 2049

This week, I believe that I was able to relate my tweets to the subject matter in a way that was concise and tied in the screening and the subject topics. With my first selected tweet, I tried to incorporate some articles that related to both the topic for the week – this week’s topic was Futurists – and to tie this in with the film. My three other tweets were more so personal reflections and questions that were aimed at my peers, to provoke some topics and prompts for discussion. My tweets this week also gained some engagement from my fellow peers which provided me with some awesome insights and feedback into what other…

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back to the future III: the final project

Lia's Blog

Project links



YouTube lookbook


Approaching the Future Cultures DA Challenge

Future Cultures DA Focus: Consider the future in the next 5, 10, 25, or 50 years

The Future Cultures challenge for this subject was to consider the future in the next 5 to 50 years, in a field of our choice. We’re well versed with the concept of digital artefacts here in BCM, but this was the first time I’ve went about developing one with a specific aim linked to our subject content. After considering the future of vlogging, I switched directions and focused instead on the short-term future of fashion through a ‘fashion lookbook’ video and discussion.

Research on the future of fashion revealed its common focus on sustainability and ‘slow fashion’ to combat the rise of cheap fabrics, worker exploitation and waste. Conceptually, the concept of slow fashion originated from the Slow Food movement…

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putting the “art” in “artefact – UOW Visual Arts Society DA

about emma

Contextual Essay

My digital artefact’s future focus is considering the short-term future of the UOW Visual Arts Society by developing the club’s online social media presence and a marketing guideline for the utility of passing it on the elected marketing manager at the end of the year.

DA Links

Brand Socials






Marketing guideline document

Social Utility

My aim is to ensure successful change over and maintenance of a strong club brand to ensure the club’s survival past my graduation. This survival will lead to the club providing opportunity for visual arts culture to be preserved on campus.

Future focus questions:

How can I use social media platforms to recruit and engage club members?

And how can I develop a consistent social media brand that can be passed on to future executives to ensure club survival?

Background Research

My background…

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