Engaging with Media

Boswell's Brain

As a Communications and Media student, it is imperative that we take part in learning through hands on means. Although this has taken a variety of forms over the past four years, I have to admit I have enjoyed this semesters variation the most.

In this post, I’m going to take a moment to share some of the highlights. Over the past 5 weeks, we have been ‘Live Tweeting’ commentary while simultaneously watching movies as a class. Our commentary ranges from personal thoughts to academic analysis, all for the purpose of unpacking ‘Future Cultures’ within various media. You can check out all my tweets, and join in with me every Thursday, at my Twitter: @BoswellSbrain. Here are a few examples;

2001: A space odyssey.

This film is unique in so many ways. It’s gripping story, unique filming and scripting, and portrayal of the future as seen in 1968 all…

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Commenting on the Commented

Keep it Sweet with Kira Sweet

Welcome to my critical reflection of my peer commentary for BCM325…

The Comments

Pitch 1: Jess Virgus is continuing her DA from previous subjects, being a bookstagram, and using this to examine how future technologies will impact the future of Bookstagram/Publishing communities.

Reflection 1: 

While researching this project, I learned about a topic I am not very familiar with – being bookstagram in relation to a career in publishing. Jess was able to continue her DA from last year into this subject, which made me reflect on my choice to completely start a new DA that does not correlate with my previous TikTok Digital Artefact. This made me look back to the original purpose of this subject: to study the future and our lives within this future. From this, I was able to gain confidence in my career plan DA and feel certain in my project plan, thereby motivating me…

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The Live Tweeting Awards

Keep it Sweet with Kira Sweet

Hello and welcome to the annual ceremony in which we highlight the great and reflect on the not-so-great tweets of each week for the first half of BCM325. Let the show commence…

Week 1: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)


Best Research-Based Tweets…

Best Discussion Starter…

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Live Tweeting Summary

Erin Waugh

Over the past 5 weeks I have been participating in live tweeting about sci-fi films for BCM325. It has all been very new for me but I have learnt a lot and discovered themes within these films that interest me.

Upon reflection I will put a bit more planning into my future live tweets as I want to have more capacity to interact in discourse with my peers. Over the past 5 weeks I have learnt to go beyond tweeting about basic facts such as this:

and how to dive deeper into themes such as this:

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Pitch Comments and Critical Self Evaluation

Erin Waugh

This blog post contains a summary of my journey with giving and receiving feedback with my classmates for our BCM325 Digital Artefact pitches.

Providing feedback is about actively listening, taking the time to analyse and giving solutions that ensure individuals can revise their work before submission (ActiTIME 2021). Both positive and negative feedback is useful in ensuring we make valuable decisions (DeFranzo 2022).

Before writing each comment for my peers I acknowledged the following framework for what each pitch should have included:

The first pitch I commented on was Phoebe Well’s. She is doing a DA on indie music and here’s what I had to say:

“Hi Phoebe, I LOVE this DA. It’s clear how passionate you are about this topic, it really shows through in your communication and execution. I love the aesthetic of your Instagram page, you have a real talent for graphic…

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BCM325 Pitch Feedback

Michael's Blog

Here are the feedback comments I have put under three different pitches. What I wanted to do here was make sure that I always started on a positive note and picked out something from their pitch video or blog that I genuinely enjoyed. This was followed by trying to find similarities between all projects and my own. Lastly, I tried to conclude my comments with a link that would hopefully help those students in the future and also get them thinking differently about the direction of their DA.

Aimee’s project was very similar to mine so it was great to see how she had organized her project and what her timeline looked like. Aimee also chose great media to analyze, while I had not done that yet. The only real criticism I had of Aimee was the quality of sound in her pitch video, though this didn’t get in the…

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Live Tweeting Summary 1: BCM325

Michael's Blog

In BCM 325, each week we have the chance to live tweet while watching a variety of movies that ultimately encompass some form of a Future Culture. As a group, the cohort is able to interact with each other and point out interesting facts about the movie, opinions about the movies’ futuristic setting and even cinematography choices. So, below are some of my most prominent tweets and retweets from the movies we have watched so far.

Week 1: 2001: A Space Odyssey

One of my favorite movies of all time and I really enjoyed watching it again with others who may not have seen it. The cinematography in this movie is fantastic and whenever I watch the film I still believe some of the shots look like they could have been filmed today. Was still getting the hang of live tweeting here, but overall a solid effort.

Week 2: Westworld

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BCM325 Blog 1: Peer Commenting


I thoroughly enjoyed reading through my peer’s digital artefact pitches. There were so many interesting and varied concepts put forward, and the ones I commented on I found were most interesting to me personally. My first comment was on Samantha’s pitch. She focused her digital artefact on fast fashion and the impact it is having on the environment, as well as the major influence social media is playing in the way we now shop. I found this digital artefact very interesting as I do a lot of online shopping and use social media to find inspiration for shopping frequently. I also buy from affordable and lower priced online stores as I am a university student with not a high income. The way Samantha projected her thoughts and research on this very relevant topic really compelled me, as I know how easy it is to get roped into the fast fashion…

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BCM325 Blog 2: Tweeting Reflection


Throughout the last 5 weeks of this semester, we have conducted screenings of different movies which focus on ‘the future’. Throughout the screenings, we are live tweeting our thoughts and different perspectives on the movies and the concepts we are viewing that relate to our subject content covered in class. As this activity and blog is aimed around reflecting on our experience, I have to be honest and say I have not engaged enough in this exercise. I have completed the tweeting and participated in the screenings, however found myself drifting away from the content and futuristic aspects of this activity. This subject allows students to think differently toward multiple different futuristic concepts, and I have found it difficult to engage.

In the weeks I found myself more interested I definitely found the content and activity of tweeting engaging, and my highlight so far has been week 2’s screening of…

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Peer Power

Boswell's Brain

An important part of learning at UOW is the process of evaluating and encouraging our peers. Over the course of a few years, I’ve had the privilege of receiving feedback from peers and friends about my projects as I release them. This week, I had the opportunity to provide some of my thoughts to some of my classmates about the projects that we are starting this semester. Here is a quick video breaking down my comments. (Feel free to watch on speed)

From these comments, I have been reminded particularly of the support that written blogs have alongside videos. With great examples such as these, it’s easy to see how they support a project in clarity and communication styles.

I am also really thankful that I am asked to have these reflective moments; as seeing my peers thoughts and projects expands not only my knowledge of the subject and communication…

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