Let’s Talk About ADHD – a summary

Amelia Phelps Journalism

In Future Cultures, students are tasked with producing a digital artefact (DA) that addresses the future and has a clear target audience and public utility.

In this summary I will:

  1. Outline my DA – including the concept, methodology, public utility and trajectory.
  2. Identify background research that informed my DA.
  3. Provide evidence of continual refinement of DA across the duration of the semester – a timeline comparison of the one included in my original DA pitch vs. how the project actually progressed.

1. DA overview

At the start of this semester, I pitched a concept to produce a business plan for my pre-existing Instagram account/brand – Let’s Talk About ADHD – spanning across three blog posts, as well as a nine-week content production/posting schedule. The resulting final product closely reflects this pitch; however, a structural change to the business plan was made and it was split into two posts rather than…

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The Future of Let’s Talk About ADHD – Part 2

Amelia Phelps Journalism

For my BCM325 Digital Artefact (DA), I am producing a business plan that spans across a two-part blog series. The plan addresses the short-term future of my brand – Let’s Talk About ADHD – and personal career. Part 2 includes a competitive market overview, summary of digital content created across the span of the DA, content calendar for May 2022 and a coinciding post and profile metric performance report, 2-year planned trajectory for my business and an audio segment on the future of content creation and digital marketing. 

Image 1: The Future of Let’s Talk About ADHD – Part 2
Source: Amelia Phelps | Canva

Competitive Overview

Until 2021, there were but a few ADHD content creators online – think@adhd_couple,@the_mini_adhd_coachand@adhd_alien. These creators had their own distinct brand, name, style of content and followings. But the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns saw anexponential growth

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The Impact Of Films From The Future

Michael's Blog

Contextual Report

Grab from an edit for Insta page

Reflecting on some of the movies we have been watching and discussing in class, I wanted to explore the idea of what portrayals of the future will look like…in the future.

We can see through the observation of movies the wonders that the future may hold or what was once believed the future would definitely be like. What I wanted to explore was how accurate these portrayals have been and what portrayals of the future will look like knowing what we know now. The whole idea here with this idea was to reflect upon the differences between what people believed the future would be like and what the future actually turned out to be like as we are living in it.

My plan was to make an Instagram page in which I would post clips and screen grabs from movies we…

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The future of the UOWDMS society – Contextual Report

Maddy Hawkins

This semester of BCM325 Future cultures I have been utilising my role as an executive within the UOW Digital Media Society. My digital artefact (which you can find here) looks into the short (1 year), medium (3 years) and long (5 years) future of the society. It consists of a future plan document which will be used to inform the 2022-2023 executives with the society’s current situation and our 5 year future plan.

To further the future progress of the UOWDMS through my digital artefact I have also created the UOW Digital Media Society Facebook group a central location for BCM students to network, get the latest on internship and job opportunities and know about upcoming events.

Weekly Lectures and Readings

The lecture content and weekly readings have led to exploring through my digital artefact the concept of futurists and the possible and probable future through Wendell…

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After the first five weeks of live-tweeting our BCM325 science-fiction film screenings, I was excited to dive into the remaining movies on our list. The schedule from weeks 6 – 11 included:

1. Robot and Frank
2. Arrival
3. Alita: Battle Angel
4. Ready Player One
5. Don’t Look Up

One thing that was beneficial about BCM325 this session was our ability to live-tweet and watch the film in our own time, especially if we weren’t able to attend the seminar. This option was necessary for me in the final weeks of the subject, as I became unwell and was admitted into hospital. Not the best timing, but health comes first, and to my great amusement (and pleasure) there was a solid rotation of Marvel and science-fiction films on the hospital move channels!

The methods I applied to make the live-tweeting process less overwhelming proved to be effective in weeks…

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Digital Artifact Contextual Report – Cybernetic Future (#bcm325)

The Vorrias Blog

My digital artifact was based on the aspects of cybernetic implants, prosthetics and other similar technologies. Some of the weekly lectures and topics were able to inspire me to do a topic like this, as I have always been curious about such technology and wanted to search into it more.

Some of the aspects that I wanted to consider when it came to cybernetic technology was its pros and cons and how it can make an impact, both negatively and positively in the future, as further technological breakthroughs and developments are being made as each year goes by. The key lecture topics that I found to fit my digital artifact were week 5 (cybernetic and cyberpunk) and week 9 (cyborgs), with each of these topics having a relevant film to the topic that we would view each week, such as Alita Battle Angel (2019) in week 9 and The Matrix…

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Cybernetics Digital Artifact Summary (#bcm325)

The Vorrias Blog

Earlier on this semester, I created the idea of a digital artifact that explores certain areas of cybernetics and cyborg technology. I had planned out to create content weekly and showed a rough idea of how I would execute on researching the topic of a video early on in the week and create the video later on in that same week, which did not turn out the way it was expected to be with the many ideas, changes and challenges being discussed and expressed in this post.

My digital artifact (commonly known as a DA) is based on cybernetics and cyborg technology, where some of the video topics would discuss about how society may look like within the short term to long term future (from five to twenty years onward) and see how much of an impact these areas of technology would make, whether it would be negative or positive…

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MNM Hub has been a project running throughout my entire university degree, not because I have to do it, but because I enjoy it. This semester I was looking more in-depth into the reaction genre as presented in my pitch and how I can present new and innovative ideas for the YouTube scene.

There were a few sources I found regarding the reaction genre such as How Reaction Videos Took Over The Content Universe Amid The Pandemic and A Look Into The Culture Of Reaction Channels. These were helpful in finding not just more information about the scene itself, but the limitations and criticisms of the YouTube genre itself. Week 8 was probably one of the most exciting weeks for my topic; Chris’s lecture on futurists I found super interesting, as that was exactly what I was trying to do. In my own little reaction world I was trying…

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Artificial Intelligence Implications: The Contextual Report

Jacob Suter

Artificial Intelligence Implications – Blog Series Pitch

Digital Artifact Links

Approaching and Overcoming the Future Cultures DA Challenge

on specific industries was grounded from the offset to tackle the Future Culture challenge as a means of providing valuable insight into a for my audience to consume, while also make their own interpretations of the implications discussed.

Educate, Encourage and Cultivate Future Planning from my Digital…

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The Evolution of Reaction Channels, and the Future


MNM Hub is a YouTube reaction channel I created in 2020 called initially “MMM Hub”. On this channel, I react to a bunch of different music artists in an attempt to develop a well-edited, comprehensive video on a regular basis. I also want to eventually branch out past just reactions into the realm of discussion-based videos, while still using music as my primary drive.


Using a few sources I’ll be looking directly into the history and future of reaction channels in order to create an understanding of how content is going to revolutionise over the next few years.

The science behind why so many people love reaction videos is quite interesting, here is a source briefly describing why:

“This is what I like to call the “just like me” factor. This is why, in addition to react videos, we love watchingproposal videosor watching someone spectacularly wipe out—and…

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