After the first five weeks of live-tweeting our BCM325 science-fiction film screenings, I was excited to dive into the remaining movies on our list. The schedule from weeks 6 – 11 included:

1. Robot and Frank
2. Arrival
3. Alita: Battle Angel
4. Ready Player One
5. Don’t Look Up

One thing that was beneficial about BCM325 this session was our ability to live-tweet and watch the film in our own time, especially if we weren’t able to attend the seminar. This option was necessary for me in the final weeks of the subject, as I became unwell and was admitted into hospital. Not the best timing, but health comes first, and to my great amusement (and pleasure) there was a solid rotation of Marvel and science-fiction films on the hospital move channels!

The methods I applied to make the live-tweeting process less overwhelming proved to be effective in weeks…

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