Let’s Talk About ADHD – contextual report

Amelia Phelps Journalism

In Future Cultures, students are tasked with producing adigital artefact (DA)that addresses the future in the short or long term.

Image 1: Let’s Talk About ADHD – a contextual report
Source: Amelia Phelps | CANVA

You can view my Digital Artefact here:

Digital Artefact Pitch

Part 1 of my business plan

Part 2 of my business plan

Let’s Talk About ADHD socials:Instagram,Twitter,Facebook.

In this contextual report I will:

  1. Summarise how my DA has drawn on relevant BCM325lecture concepts and topics
  2. Provide evidence ofengagement with target publics
  3. Discusspeer feedback
  4. Appraise my DA’ssuccess and limitations
  5. Conclude with a statement on thefuture of my DA

1. Summary of applied lecture concepts and topics and how my DA addressed the future cultures challenge

From the onset and throughout the duration of my digital artefact, I employed various concepts and ideas adopted…

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