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Engaging with Media – Update

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a mid-semester update of some of the films we have been studying in our ‘Future Cultures’ class at Uni.

In this post, I will be adding the second half of that project and some highlights from it. These highlights are not the entirety of our conversations, but a few points that stood out to me throughout the rest of the semester. These include quotes, articles, conversations, and more.

You may remember from my last post that our commentary ranges from personal thoughts to academic analysis, all for the purpose of unpacking ‘Future Cultures’ within various media. You can check out all my tweets at my Twitter: @BoswellSbrain. Here are a few examples:

Robot and Frank

Robot and Frank, directed by Jake Schreier, was possibly my personal favourite movie. Jake’s film is a combination of hilarious moments, ethical questions, optimistic & pessimistic views…

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Engaging with Media

Boswell's Brain

As a Communications and Media student, it is imperative that we take part in learning through hands on means. Although this has taken a variety of forms over the past four years, I have to admit I have enjoyed this semesters variation the most.

In this post, I’m going to take a moment to share some of the highlights. Over the past 5 weeks, we have been ‘Live Tweeting’ commentary while simultaneously watching movies as a class. Our commentary ranges from personal thoughts to academic analysis, all for the purpose of unpacking ‘Future Cultures’ within various media. You can check out all my tweets, and join in with me every Thursday, at my Twitter: @BoswellSbrain. Here are a few examples;

2001: A space odyssey.

This film is unique in so many ways. It’s gripping story, unique filming and scripting, and portrayal of the future as seen in 1968 all…

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Peer Power

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An important part of learning at UOW is the process of evaluating and encouraging our peers. Over the course of a few years, I’ve had the privilege of receiving feedback from peers and friends about my projects as I release them. This week, I had the opportunity to provide some of my thoughts to some of my classmates about the projects that we are starting this semester. Here is a quick video breaking down my comments. (Feel free to watch on speed)

From these comments, I have been reminded particularly of the support that written blogs have alongside videos. With great examples such as these, it’s easy to see how they support a project in clarity and communication styles.

I am also really thankful that I am asked to have these reflective moments; as seeing my peers thoughts and projects expands not only my knowledge of the subject and communication…

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The Future of Audio at Austinmer

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If you haven’t seen my video update, check that out here!

My project this semester is to bring a collection of ideas and systems for our technology upgrade to a digital platform, as a resource for Austi Church for the coming 2-5 years. I am aiming to create clear direction and provide a strong tool for the church to use.

Content for this project will appear here on my blog under “Digital Artefacts” in a variety of formats. My aim is to incorporate:

  • Blogs
  • Files
  • Videos
  • Spreadsheets

The trickiest part of this project may be testing it. As it revolves around planning for the future, the best test I can do is to see examples of systems that have worked in the past. Including documents and processes.

For distribution of this Digital Artefact, I am still considering options. One option is to personally distribute it to key stakeholders…

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