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A final goodbye in tweets!


Live tweeting has been a big aspect of BCM 325, here is a look in to the last 5 weeks.

On a general note, live tweeting on the screenings was definitely a huge challenge this semester for myself. I recognise the benefits and concept behind the task although found it quite hard to do, especially when catching up on screenings. Below is a summary of my experience and reflection on live tweeting as a task in this subject

Critical analysis of screenings

Robot and Frank (2012) – Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This film posed as a look in to the future of AI and the assistance it can provide to humans, especially those with diagnose health problems. The film explored how robotic technologies can provide helpful assistance to humans but also mirror how humans act, good or bad. In a nutshell, AI has “the capability to imitate the intelligent human behaviour”…

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The Launch of Future Movie Gang

Richard's Blogs

My pitch for BCM 325

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Now onto the conceptual part, I hoped you enjoyed watching the video. The basis of my DA is basically how science fiction movies represents multiple different futures, with its unique concepts and innovations and how they could potentially influence the future in the next few decades. Furthermore, as I’ve created multiple DAs in the past where I’ve centred them around movie reviews, I feel that not only will I be experienced with the content creation but also be able to utilise the study of futurism with reviewing movies.

Ted talk on the dangers of AI

In regard to how I’ll be conducting my research, I’ll be looking into the scholarly sources that were provided such as ‘Dear Mr. Kubrick’: Audience Responses to 2001: A Space Odyssey in the Late 1960s, which provides an in-depth look into how the use of AI…

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Another DA Pitch

Rosa's Aesthetic Adventure

Link to Canva Slides:

My Predictions:

  1. I predict that with weekly content and current growth trends, my stream’s audience and reach will have grown by the end of the two weeks. This growth will look like an increase in followers from 150 (as at 18/03/2022) to 300 and an increase in subscribers from 2 (as at 18/03/2022) to 30 subscribers by the end of the 10 week period.
  2. I predict that due to lack of motivation and an inconsistent stream schedule, I will gain some growth in the form of an increase in followers from 150 to 250 and an increase in subscribers from 2 to 5 by the end of the 10 week period.
  3. I predict that Putin will begin World War Three and I will be conscripted into the army and no longer able to stream.
  4. I predict that I will be raided by a famous person…

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BCM325 Future Cultures DA Pitch

Studio Jess

The digital artefact focuses on exploring the theme of Bookstagram emerging as a prominent platform that hosts valuable reviews that the audience is progressively valuing in a higher status than book review scholars as they did 20+ years ago.

The emergence of social media completely changed the face of how people expressed public opinion and what is regarded as valuable public opinion. “Reviewing is considered as recommendations or suggestions based on a reading
experience that is alleged to be individual, idiosyncratic and unique, instead of
in-depth analyses with generalizable observations concerning a specific (sub)
field of literature.”
(Jaakkola 2019)

It has generated itself as an environment where users participate in suggestions of books built on their own reading experience, the users themselves have become ‘prosumers’ (producing consumers) and built a reputation for themselves within the reading and publishing communities.

Analysing this project from the lecture contents perspective, this DA is…

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Film Fanatic: Pitch


Films are a large aspect of todays entertainment industry and are thoroughly enjoyed by all. From the Marvel movies to Quentin Tarantino movies… film brings families and friends closer together by allowing them to escape reality. Yes, movies have been apart of our lives for a long long time, but will they still be the same in the future? Will the finger lickin popcorn and recliner chair experience at Hoyts still be apart of the film experience within 10 years time?

Film Fanatic Pitch Video

As I am a huge movie buff myself I have decided to focus my DA for this semester on the future of the film industry within the next 10 years. This way we will all know wether or not we still associate snuggling up to a loved one while watching a blockbuster on the big screen (with a large movie coke of course just cause…

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The Future of Coffee: Digital Artefact Pitch

Thy Hoang

For my digital artefact, I plan to research the future of coffee. I will be exploring the 3 key areas of trends of how coffee has evolved in the past and how it may evolve in the future, technology for coffee and the effect of climate change on coffee. In order to make my research publicly available, I will be posting short videos on TikTok, aiming to reach a wider audience to educate and inform them about my subtopics. I also believe this is a very relevant platform to my audience as they most likely already engage with the platform on a regular basis.

My project falls under the FIST principles:

Fast – My TikTok videos will only be of a short time length between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. As I also use Tiktok regularly, I am experienced with the platform so I’m hoping the research and editing will…

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So, what are my peers up to?

Generally unimpressed.

I was required to comment on three of my peers pitches for their BCM325 Digital Artefact. For my comments I focused on providing resources for further research and pointing out possible connections to class and lecture material. 

Comment one:

My first pitch that I commented on was by Josh, who chose to focus on the topic of a potential technology caused apocalypse in the future, by doing so hoping to outline how these technologies can be used both to survive or to contribute to the end of the world as we know it.

Comment Summary 

  • Josh didn’t go into depth about the type of apocalypse he would be exploring so I suggested referring to this website which has a number of tech apocalypses to help.
  • There wasn’t any mention of subject or lecture material so I suggested using week threes topic of future studies or week twos lecture…

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DA comments + critical self analysis:

Liam Porrett Blog

BCM 325 Assessment 1 Part 1. (Post 2)

Overall Critical Analysis: 

I believe that each of the comments I made to other students DA pitches were ultimately made successful due to the research and a general understanding of what they were talking about.

With the aid of the 200 word summary supplied alongside each of the pitches as well as the 2 minute pitch video it was much easier to make a comment based around their idea as it was much easier to understand with two elements such as these to base off.

I also analysed some other comments on each of the pitches I was reviewing, which helped me to gain a better understanding on how other people viewed the pitch in contrast to me.

I ultimately approached each comment by this way of analysing then applying my own research into the idea.

At the start I believe I…

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My tweets and self analysis

Liam Porrett Blog

BCM 325Assessment 1 Part 1. (Post 1)

Below are my most prominent tweets in my opinion, from weeks 1-6. For each tweet I’ve critically analysed myself on what i did right, wrong and everything in between.


Week 1:

My most reputable tweet for week one was this comparison that clearly stood out to me. This scene from ‘Metropolis’ shown on the right, that I could not help but compare to the scene on the left featured in George Millers 2015 film ‘Mad Max Fury Road’. The use of an image in this tweet ultimately helps to draw in people to the tweet, which it why I believe it went reasonably better gaining 7 likes and 2 re-tweets, compared to my other tweets from week 1 gaining only small amounts of engagement.

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BCM325 Digital Artefact Pitch – UOW Digital Media Society

Alex Mastronardi

The digital artefact that I will be completing for BCM325 is a project ongoing from last semester, The UOW Digital Media Society (DMS). I will be completing this project with fellow BCM325 students Callum Harvey and Kelsea Latham. The remaining executive team Meggen Pigram, Sunny Commandeur and Verity Morley will also be working alongside us.

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