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The future of the UOWDMS society – Contextual Report

Maddy Hawkins

This semester of BCM325 Future cultures I have been utilising my role as an executive within the UOW Digital Media Society. My digital artefact (which you can find here) looks into the short (1 year), medium (3 years) and long (5 years) future of the society. It consists of a future plan document which will be used to inform the 2022-2023 executives with the society’s current situation and our 5 year future plan.

To further the future progress of the UOWDMS through my digital artefact I have also created the UOW Digital Media Society Facebook group a central location for BCM students to network, get the latest on internship and job opportunities and know about upcoming events.

Weekly Lectures and Readings

The lecture content and weekly readings have led to exploring through my digital artefact the concept of futurists and the possible and probable future through Wendell…

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A live-tweeting summary

Maddy Hawkins

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Sciences fiction is the telescope of looking into the future. It invites us to consider the possibilities our choices and interactions contribute to the possible and probable futures. Throughout the sci-fi films watched in weeks 6 – 10 in BCM325, we were able to speculate what the future could look like from Dystopian & Utopian societies, issues with climate change, overpopulation and ageing population, cyberspace and Artificial Intelligence.

During the second half of the semester, I have taken my own feedback from my previous summary (which you can find here) and have implemented researching and pre-planning of my tweets before the Thursday live-tweeting session. I have found I was struggling to engage with the film, live-tweet and interact with other students. By utilizing pre-planning I was able to take my time to construct analytical tweets and leave the…

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Tweet Tweet

Maddy Hawkins

Over the last 5 weeks, we have been live-tweeting our experiences watching various sci-fi films. Live-tweeting is sending a series of tweets during any particular event where you are a host or participant. I have found live-tweeting to be a positive experience that helps us analyse the future and how it can be applied to the subject material.

What have I learnt from live-tweeting??

What I have learnt from live-tweeting is the need to research and construct analytical tweets before the tweeting session. I found i have been struggling to engage with the film, live-tweet and interact with students at the same time. In future BCM325 weekly live-tweeting sessions, I plan on taking time to pre-plan my tweets and find different themes which could be used to create conversation with other students. I want to start creating tweets that are more in-depth and aren’t just commenting on what is obvious.

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Another day Another Peer Review

Maddy Hawkins

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Over the past two years at University I have conducted multiple peer reviews and comments on fellow students’ work. I have learnt that providing feedback is about actively listening, taking the time to analyze and giving solutions that ensure individuals can revise their papers before submission (ActiTIME 2021). Both positive and negative feedback is useful in ensuring we make valuable decisions (DeFranzo 2022)

Peer Reviews

Thy Hoang – The future of coffee

Thy will be exploring how climate change will affect the future of coffee production by creating short TikTok videos.

Richard Liu – Sci-fi Movie Reviews

Richard will be conducting sci-fi movie reviews of the movies watched in the subject and he will be posting the videos on his youtube channel “Future movie gang”.

Tori Saros- The future of Social by Tori

Tori will be creating a social media management & content…

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The future of Facebook and the UOWDMS – BCM325 Pitch

Maddy Hawkins

I have begun conducting research into the future of Facebook and found an article that would be particularly relevent to my own research. The a news website which covers the intersection of technology, science, art and culture wrote an article in 2016 about Mark Zuckerburgs 10 year plan for Facebook called “Facebook 2026”. More than 1.65 billion people use the Facebook every month, making it the world’s largest social network by a considerable margin. In April 2016, Zuckerburg laid out his 10 year ambitions for the company in categories such as AI, VR and Science. One of his focuses is on connectivity and will do this by making the internet accessable to everyone around the world through his initive of “Free basics”. It would be interesting to research further Facebooks future surrounding the idea of connectivity and see how it can be utalized in the Digital Media Societies…

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