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The Impact Of Films From The Future

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Contextual Report

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Reflecting on some of the movies we have been watching and discussing in class, I wanted to explore the idea of what portrayals of the future will look like…in the future.

We can see through the observation of movies the wonders that the future may hold or what was once believed the future would definitely be like. What I wanted to explore was how accurate these portrayals have been and what portrayals of the future will look like knowing what we know now. The whole idea here with this idea was to reflect upon the differences between what people believed the future would be like and what the future actually turned out to be like as we are living in it.

My plan was to make an Instagram page in which I would post clips and screen grabs from movies we…

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BCM 325 Tweeting Summary: Part 2

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Today’s post will be a critical reflection of the live tweeting process of our in class screenings from weeks 6-12. I have never been much of a tweeter in general but the act of live tweeting with a particular theme in mind has helped to push me towards more engaging content and feeding off of others’ critical analysis of the movies we have been watching.

Each week we were exposed to different interpretations of what the future may look like through the lens of past and present films. The themes of these movies varied quite a bit but tended to engage with ideas such as Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Aliens and even Time Travel. When viewing each movie…

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BCM325 Pitch Feedback

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Here are the feedback comments I have put under three different pitches. What I wanted to do here was make sure that I always started on a positive note and picked out something from their pitch video or blog that I genuinely enjoyed. This was followed by trying to find similarities between all projects and my own. Lastly, I tried to conclude my comments with a link that would hopefully help those students in the future and also get them thinking differently about the direction of their DA.

Aimee’s project was very similar to mine so it was great to see how she had organized her project and what her timeline looked like. Aimee also chose great media to analyze, while I had not done that yet. The only real criticism I had of Aimee was the quality of sound in her pitch video, though this didn’t get in the…

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Live Tweeting Summary 1: BCM325

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In BCM 325, each week we have the chance to live tweet while watching a variety of movies that ultimately encompass some form of a Future Culture. As a group, the cohort is able to interact with each other and point out interesting facts about the movie, opinions about the movies’ futuristic setting and even cinematography choices. So, below are some of my most prominent tweets and retweets from the movies we have watched so far.

Week 1: 2001: A Space Odyssey

One of my favorite movies of all time and I really enjoyed watching it again with others who may not have seen it. The cinematography in this movie is fantastic and whenever I watch the film I still believe some of the shots look like they could have been filmed today. Was still getting the hang of live tweeting here, but overall a solid effort.

Week 2: Westworld

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