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How is ASMR Used?

How is a user created? This was the question at the forefront of Chris Chesher’s mind as he wrote ‘Layers of Code, Layers of Subjectivity’ in 2004, and upon reading it I was drawn to a clear gap in my understanding of ASMR culture.

According to Chesher (2004) the process of generating users is complex and hard to predict, but it can be understood through the lenses of ‘invocation’, ‘avocation’, and ‘vocation’. In this relationship, the invocation is a “special power” a user is able to conjure forth through the avocations which make up the languages, platforms, and vectors through which invocations can occur (Chesher 2004). Through the process of defining an ASMRtist – a performer and content creator who specializes in manipulating ASMR triggers for the benefit of an online audience – we are also able to define the ‘vocation’. Continue reading How is ASMR Used?