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“Real Enthusiasts Drive Their Own Cars” – Autonomous Cars and the Enthusiast Perspective

Jesse Max Muir

In first approaching my research towards the topic of autonomous cars I began looking at the various perspectives centred on the technology. In the wake of modern developments such as Tesla’s self-proclaimed “auto-pilot” function, there was no denying that the technology was here/fast approaching. As such, I decided as opposed to researching the potential future developments of autonomous cars, I would provide an in-depth analysis of the dominant perspectives and apply this to a large gap in the research. This gap came in the form of the ‘enthusiast perspective’ as through the course of my research I found very little information on the treatment of self-driving cars by automotive enthusiasts. Thus, my goal for this project was established in determining what this enthusiast perspective was after firmly establishing the current dominating perspectives, this being that of early adopters, and the concerned public. My two blog posts and final podcast have…

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“Real Enthusiasts Drive Their Own Cars”

Jesse Max Muir

As someone who is undeniably immersed in both physical and online car communities (and having blogged about both on several occasions) I have had extensive experience with both past and modern technologies. My first car was from 1962, it had no airbags, no power steering, now power breaks, a cable based clutch, manual transmission, and carbureted fuel supply as opposed to modern electronic fuel injection. Despite the almost primate nature of this car, the experience of driving it was best described as raw with the driver in complete control. Alternatively, I recently had experienced my most modern car to date with a 2013 Abarth 500. This car had ABS, an automatic transmission, reverse parking sensors, disk brakes, Bluetooth, airbags, power steering, and most importantly an ECU, which amongst other things, would prevent the driver from shifting gears at a time it did not deem safe and would not let the…

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