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“I Lost My Job to a Car” – Autonomous Cars Part 2

Jesse Max Muir

In my previous post, I had provided a brief introduction to the concept of autonomous cars and the physical and fictional realities in which they exist. Within this, I covered a short history on the development of technologies stemming from Davinci’s Self-Driving Cart, towards modern autonomous vehicles such as Teslas. The existence of autonomous cars within science fiction was also discussed through texts such as iRobot, Knight Rider, and Transformers. After this contextual information was provided, I then proceeded to introduce the dominating theme of my digital artefact; three dominating perspectives toward the technology including that of early adopters, the concerned public, and the enthusiast perspective.


On the early adopter perspective, I was able to find several arguments for the use of autonomous vehicles. One specific document sourced from global architecture, and engineering firm, IBI Group, discussed the potential urban effects of autonomous vehicles in cities. Through…

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