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The Future of Online Fashion for Small Businesses – BCM325 Pitch

DA Concept:

For my digital artefact I intend to create a marketing plan / small business model for a small clothing boutique in Wollongong central business district, ‘Kingsway’. I have chosen to expand on a marketing plan / small business plan I have previously worked on through a different marketing subject, as I feel like through BCM325 I can focus more on the creative and innovative side of the marketing plan, specifically in digital and social media. The reason I feel that this project correlates with BCM325 ‘future cultures’ is through pushing the concept of ‘the future’ of small business fashion. The project which I intend to actually create is a marketing plan, including a complete ‘revamp’ of Kingsway’s social media and online presence, and create strategies to put in place that will improve customer relationships through techniques such as influencer marketing and relevant public relations concepts.

Process / Methodology: 

The process or methodology I intend to use throughout the making of this digital artefact is following a basic marketing plan structure, including major focus on digital and social media concepts. The marketing plan process usually includes the following:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Micro Analysis
  • Macro Analysis
  • PESTLE Analysis
  • Buyer Persona Outlines
  • Buyer Journey Map
  • Buyer Journey Analysis

I will be applying most of the marketing plan main concepts, however adding more detail into my PESTLE analysis and adding a social and digital media timeline to the plan. I will then create an online blog space to upload my finished project to, including the marketing plan and digital and social media prototypes I have created.

Instagram Post Prototype:  

Academic Sources:

In order to optimise any form of sales or customer loyalty, online presence and being active in the digital environment is crucial in the new age of technology. The way consumers shop, browse and look for fashion inspiration today is all through their digital and social platforms. The digital environment has been a crucial in the development of the fashion industry, especially considering the impact of COVID-19, it has created many opportunities for businesses to utilise their online space. According to McKinsey & Company (2020), COVID-19 has largely and expectedly increased usage of emails, social media and other digital channels like Zoom and Teams that were not so common before the pandemic hit. In utilising this information, I can expand on my marketing plan taking into consideration current world challenges and threats such as COVID-19. In accordance with an article by Forbes in 2020 (Moore, 2020), “Australia is currently the 10th largest ecommerce market in the world based on its $25.2 billion (USD) market share projected for 2021.” By using this information, expanding on a small businesses’ marketing and public relations strategies will only benefit their sales and profit, and introduce them to the ‘future of online fashion’.


In relation to the BCM325 lecture week 2, ‘Future thinking’, article from Forbes (2018), describes independent fashion boutiques with the potential to grow multi-million-dollar companies with few physical locations but high activity e-commerce (Alderson, 2018). In this type of future thinking, I can create a more suitable and effective marketing plan as my digital artefact to ensure Kingsway is on route to the future of fashion in e-commerce.

Production Timeline:

Public Utility (feedback loop and relevance to users):

I feel as though this project will be effective, informative and highly relevant to users as online fashion is one of the most popular forms of ecommerce in Australia. With creating a positive online presence with hope to increase sales and profit for a small business in Wollongong, I can hopefully introduce the business to the wider world of online fashion.




Alderson, A. (2018). Five reasons the Boutique Model is Revolutionizing The Future of Retail. [online]. Forbes. Available at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesleadershipcollective/2018/11/20/you-thought-this-industry-was-dead-but-its-booming-heres-why/?sh=38832cb1246c

Gonzalo, A., Harreis, H., Sanchez Altable, C. and Villepelet, C. (2020). The fashion industry’s digital transformation: Now or never | McKinsey. [online] http://www.mckinsey.com. Available at: https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/retail/our-insights/fashions-digital-transformation-now-or-never.

Moore, K. (2020). Australian Fashion Brands Are Scooping Up International Shoppers. [online] Forbes. Available at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kaleighmoore/2020/03/11/australian-fashion-brands-are-scooping-up-international-shoppers/?sh=519ff6873f38 [Accessed 1 Jun. 2021]

Timing Tweeting Together

(critical self reflection of Tweets Number 2)

Live tweeting the second stage of screenings in BCM325 was a very different experience from the first half of BCM325 as now time zone are closer and I was actually live tweeting at the same time as the rest of my tutorial group. (bar one week in Croatia for a competition) 

After my first tweeting evaluation I wanted to focus on discussion and interaction with others, seeking to add lecture and other relevant information to others onto of my previous tweeting habits. first ill look at the same type of tweets I continued and see how the engagement varied now being live then I will evaluate my progress in interactions.

Standalone tweets:

Tweets including a quote with a small amount of analysis from me and matching when people will have just heard it in the movie now are getting some good reception,

and sometimes my mini tech information facts actually started discussion rather than sitting untouched:

I improved my timing of tweets especially in screenings like ready player one where I here had this tweet primed to send as soon as the movie told us of their plans to turn off the oasis 2 times a week.

while these tweets helped me feel good a bit they didn’t add much lots to the future cultures discussion and the reality of the technology we were seeing, leading me back to mini tech facts which I think are one of the main ways I can add value to future culture discussions and ground what is being seen on the screen with some real technology progress/research.

although relatable tweets were still sprinkled in and did garner me some likes which I think just helped provide motivation for the mini facts I can provide that didn’t always get interacted with but I am hopeful people read.

I believe a refined my art of these tweets and sometimes accidentally achieved interactive tweeting now I was tweeting with the cohort. The far greater possibility I think helped a lot with me refining my tweets to be bite sized both relatable and information based tweets.

Interactive tweeting:

Now onto what I tried to focus on, starting and contributing to discussions to hopefully add value to everyones experience of live tweeting in BCM325.

While it may not have started the greatest for me initiating conversations, interacting with others and seeing what gets talked about live allowed me to refine this in future weeks.

This tweet doesn’t start with a question and just dumps my thoughts down not a great starting point but we got to start somewhere.

simple questions allowing for interactions allowed for discussion like this one that I think provided a good evaluation and prediction space for cars from cyber punk 2049.

Ai was often also a good conversation starter as it seems to always be on the news’ mind so being able to discuss the potentials in AI futures.

Other tweets in this vein was when I tried to add value to other people observations:

And further integrating my knowledge/experience of technology to add to discusions

Capitalising on my brothers habit of purchasing every VR headset in existence to talk about the differences between current VR and ready player one helps a few times here’s a key discussion:

Bringing back too forecasting based on the general ideas of the screening and looking at feeling influencing that here with Robot and Frank. Having learned how to engage with peoples ‘relatable’ tweets to create productive thoughts for future discussion.

Overall thoughts:

While it was great to be able to tweet at the same time as the rest of the cohort it was interesting seeing the divergent nature of interactions from Chris and Angus (lecturer and Tutor) compared to the general cohorts interactions. 

This interactions normally came with mini facts or discussions mostly ignored by the rest of the cohort but using them as a content goal and the tweets I received most interactions with as a delivery method and I think by the end of this experience I have improved in this. Especially in the way to provide information in a relatable way to combine the relatable aspect people seem to like interacting with. 

This reminded me a lot of my marketing experience practically and with university theory where the best marketing looks natural but is the least natural thing you will find. I think I have improved that skill over this session and will take that into the future. (see punny because BCM325 Future Cultures … okay i’m done now)

My Blog: http://jaz.zguy.com/?p=520

Forecasting the forecast factories

-My BCM325 DA Beta-


the timeline is now 1 video every 1.5 weeks now that I have defined concepts for what goes into each video and have broken the elements out from each factory game I want to focus on and have looked into some of the similar existing technologies that can be forecast to develop into the technology seen in the games.

Gathering further engagement:

I plan to get further public engagement through reddit posts with my forecasting videos based on each game specifically posted into each of their seperate reddit bases and to not be overly self promoting in a single space.

my blog -http://jaz.zguy.com/?p=501