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Pitch Comments

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During the process of creating and maintaining a Digital Artefact, I am required to comment on 3 of my peer’s pitches, to give feedback on their projects, help them in their development, and suggest further reading and resources for them to access. In turn, they will provide me with feedback, allowing us to create our own feedback loop throughout the semester.

Comment 1

My first comment was on Caitlyn Du Buisson Perrine’s pitch – All Things Beauty: Girls Chat Space. Caitlyn is planning on taking a look at how make-up, cosmetics, and body image will change in the next 5, 10, 20 and 50 years, and what affect this will have on different industries of work. In my comment, I linked a site that discussed how the perception of beauty and body image had changed over the past few hundred years up until now and how it is especially interesting that the most favourable body image changed every few years, and though one particular feature or style may have been deemed attractive 10 years ago, the complete opposite may now be deemed attractive. I then linked this idea back to the Week 2 blog – Future Thinking, which discussed how our visions of the future are always shaped by our perceptions of the past.

I also gave some feedback regarding Caitlyn’s digital artefact’s size, as she has planned on looking at the future of beauty in 5, 10, 20 and 50 year’s time, which may be too much to complete in the limited time we have to complete this subject.

Comment 2

My second comment was on Amy Dunn’s pitch – “Where will we be in 2070?”. Amy’s digital artefact is quite similar to my own, as we are both exploring humanities impact on the environment. Amy’s project will be focusing on “the future of living in Australia in 20 years as a result of climate change”. In my comment, I started by addressing an issue that I had also faced when ideating my project – I started too large and had to ideate my project to make it more manageable. I suggested that rather than have four main points to address, she choose one to go into more detail about. The four statements she plans on looking at are:

  • The future of living in Australia in the next 50 years as a result of climate change.
  • Explore examples of imagined futures as well as the accuracy of scientific predictions.
  • Discuss the future based on current statistics and projections.
  • explore media and climate forecasts to make predictions.

I also linked her ideas back to the week three lecture, where Chris talks about the positives that the rich face and the negatives for lower classes, due to the massive imbalance of wealth, as well as the effect this has on living conditions and the environment. Furthermore, I linked to a site that discussed how far climate change had progressed in the past 50 years.

Comment 3

My final comment was on Danielle Godden’s pitch – “Are you sure you want to buy that?”. Danielle’s pitch is a video series focusing on the effects of fast fashion. My first suggestion was that she should raise awareness to what brands are the most harmful and un-sustainable, and how to avoid these brands. I also suggested she branch out to other platforms, to grow her audience and educate more people.


Overall, I am quite satisfied with the quality of my comments, as I managed to give feedback about each individual project, and link outside resources that may be useful for each student. I was also able to link back to the lecture content in two of my comments, however, I was unable to in the third, which is something I hope to improve by the time of the Beta presentation.

BCM 325: Future Cultures – Reflecting on Commentary

The Space Between The Sky

Previously, I posted my online Digital Artefact Pitch for BCM 325: Future Cultures. However, the point of a pitch is to receive feedback on what others think. To help with this, a comments schedule was created so that everyone in the class could receive peer feedback on their work and also have the opportunity to give critical commentary.

For me this was an interesting experience. Whilst I am used to providing workshopping commentary in the context of creative writing, I have never had to deliver critical commentary and suggestions for a Digital Artefact in this manner. What follows, is a summary of my bumbling navigation of critical commentary on some Digital Artefacts.

Trying to be Helpful

The first pitch I looked at was a blog post series titled the ‘Future of Freelance Film Making’, by Jake Keighran. This series of three posts would explore the future of freelance…

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Pitch Comments

By Jessica McVicar

For my second assessment for BCM325, we were instructed to provide feedback to 3 of our peer’s pitch posts. This task allowed me to not only share my thoughts on their ideas but it also helped me stimulate different methodologies and critics to my own work.

The three reviews I conducted were to:

Tech Tok 

Brief Description: For Connor’s DA he is planning on creating 15-second videos on Tik Tok based around the topic of Artificial Intelligence. He will be researching the future of AI products, selecting relevant photos & videos, collecting important information, and posting on TikTok to reach his audience and gain feedback.

Comment:Screenshot 2020-04-10 12.46.49.pngReflection: In Connor’s pitch he inserted a production timeline (This was also done by Nicole in her ‘The future of Fashion’ Pitch post). After listening…

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Three Comments for Beta Presentations

Amanda Tait comment

Starting off with what I think is my best comment is on Amanda’s digital artefact on 3D printing to restore the coral reefs. Amanda looks to research how 3D printing can be useful to help restore the coral reefs. She has 3 different blog ideas that all connect in an interesting way.  I’ve also noticed her posts on twitter about how here project is going along but also noticed that these posts aren’t getting much traction. In order to help get more engagement, I’ve suggested using Instagram. Even though Instagram is usually viewed perhaps not the best platform for some digital artefacts, I’ve encouraged Amanda to look to using this one as a way to propel an audience towards her blogs, since it can be hard for some to find a way to get people to view their WordPress. This comment was the one where I’ve linked the most links in, mostly suggesting tips and tricks for posting on an Instagram blog, especially for non-profits since I think Amanda’s DA is very similar as well as why engagement is useful on Instagram.

ATaani COmment

My second comment, which wasn’t my best, but I also don’t think it was my worst was on Taani’s Digital Artefact. Taani looks to advocate strong famous women in different careers who may have faced oppression to get to where they are. This is an interesting Digital Artefact but since I couldn’t think of a lot of things to suggest it ended up being one of my shorter and perhaps more unhelpful of my three comments. I ended up linking articles as to why it is important to keep up engagement on Instagram since this is the one platform she is using. I perhaps could have suggested using more platforms such as WordPress or Twitter to further her ability to talk about these women but at the time I did not think of that.

a lachlan comment

Lastly looking at probably my worst comment of the three. Lachlan wants to create 4 videos matching the seasons relating to the different parts of an empire and then comparing it towards our present. I think this is the most unique Digital Artefact I’ve come across but also perhaps the most confusing. I didn’t know exactly what to suggest for Lachlan so really just suggested more ways he could promote his videos to people outside of the BCM subject. Since he made no mention of promoting it to anyone either in the BCM subject or outside Especially since other engagement besides this subject would be useful for reiteration in his last videos. I suggested Reddit since it’s the platform that is probably the most relatable for his digital artefact, I also tried to suggest a link with some tips for easily promoting Youtube videos.




DA Pitch Review & Feedback

My first comment was on ‘People Help the People’ by Rebecca Fuller whose DA was about creating a community for women to contact while feeling unsafe while walking home. She has found that women generally tend to feel unsafe while walking home, and she wants to create a public website or an app to join women together to other women they can talk to if they feel unsafe while walking alone, that has emergency services, location services, an opportunity to ring an alarm an opportunity for women to talk about what they want to change in the future.

cap 1 bcm325

I think my comment found here was one of my more useful and helpful ones. I tried to suggest about how she could begin her DA as a facebook group and then integrate it to a website or app in the future since it would be a ton easier than trying to separate out who is a male or female on a website or an app. I suggested integrating the safe zone app as well which might help her, I have never used this app so I don’t actually know how well it works so I couldn’t give advice on that, but it seems similar to what she wants to create. I sadly could only provide one link but I didn’t know what else to mention.

cap2 bcm325.PNG

For my second comment, I was reviewing Katrina’s DA ‘Don’t Get Me Started’ which would be a podcast where her and her friends and other people who want to be on the podcast would be venting about their frustrations and offering support. It would be once or twice a week through Skype and uploaded to Soundcloud or Spotify either raw or edited. She wants to provide a place for peer support and to help people vent.

I tried not to be too harsh on this comment, I tried to suggest helpful critiques and suggestions to perhaps make her podcast a bit more organised by knowing what topic each week was going to be about, suggesting that right now if it was general venting, it might get a bit tough to edit. I definitely used way too many ‘perhaps’s’ and ‘maybe’s’, which I shouldn’t have to make it more to point.

I wanted to suggest helpful things to use in her DA. I suggested using Discord instead of Skype since I have had experience with both and like Discord much better and provided a link to that. I also suggested that using Soundcloud would be easier to get her podcast on since I found a link that showed how hard it might be to get a podcast on Spotify.

cap 3 bcm325.PNG

My last comment was reviewing Kiana’s DA of her Youtube channel which is a continuation from one of her previous DA’s which is a Youtube channel, she posts content of what she likes doing, funny things or things she finds funny or basically anything she enjoys, it is very easy DA but comes across complications while editing her videos since she finds it boring.

I think this was one of my worst comments. I tried to be helpful in the beginning but not knowing what editing software she was using might have eliminated that. I suggested Wondershare which is a video editing software I heavily rely on.

My last bit to my commenting was by far the worst out of all the comments. Kiana mentioned that she could see Youtube doing educational streams for schools in the future, so I suggested a similar article that showed how people are already live streaming educational streams on Youtube’s main competitor, Twitch. My last bit of commenting didn’t help her DA at all but I also didn’t know how to suggest any more that could help her DA, which maybe I should just leave out in the future.