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Sustainable Footprint – Pitch

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Background Research

The National Geographic Society defines biodiversity as “the variety of living species on Earth, including plants, animals, bacteria, and fungi”. National Geographic also states that human’s activities threaten this diversity, and significant efforts must be made in order to rectify this. According to the World Benchmarking Alliance, “When asked “What do you feel is the number one priority to make the world a better place in 2030?”, a majority of respondents aged 15-24 said “a sustainable environment”. This indicates that young adults have some knowledge and interest in sustainability.

Production Timeline

For this project to be successful, I have created a production timeline, to help me visualise what I need to do each week to stay on time and on top of my work.

The Future of “dead” media

Analog photography is dignifying because it’s out of the hands of the algorithms.



For my Digital Artefact, I am looking towards the short, medium and long-term future of “dead” analogue media and mediums, specifically film and instant photography:

  • 12 months from now (March 2022)
  • after 5 years (2026)
  • 30 years on (2051)

The purpose of my DA is to introduce my target audience (Gen Z who use TikTok and are a part of the cottagecore, soft boy/girl and VSCO subcultures) to film photography to give them a medium that is analogue, something to break up the chaos of our digital world. This in turn should generate more interest in the film movement, as well as get my work out to a larger audience.

I own a half-frame film camera, specifically an Olympus Pen FT as shown above, and this is key for my DA because it is half-frame; that is, it is a vertical-orientated camera. This will not only save me money on film by doubling the amount of frames I can take on one roll (check out the images below, basically half of the usual full-frame rectangle makes two vertical shots side-by-side), but it is also perfect for the TikTok, smartphone and Instagram Reels format – vertical screens and images are the way to go!

Gen Z allegedly has an attention span of 8 seconds, compared to the Millennial’s supposed 12 (Forbes). Therefore I will be posting very short videos, between eight and twelve seconds, to TikTok to cater for my audience’s preferences.

Since the plan is to produce six 8-second videos over the next 8 weeks, I will be able to listen to my audience, respond to comments, survey them for what they’d want to see next, and use this feedback each week to iterate the next video.

Floral closeup - Olympus Pen F Half Frame Film Camera Review by Jen Golay on Shoot It With Film
This is an example of images taken with an Olympus Pen FT: you get two vertical images instead of the standard, one horizontal image in normal photography. It’s the same view as taking a portrait photo on your iPhone, or the orientation of TikTok.
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Factories of the future


I intend on creating 4 video essays posted to YouTube on my previously used channel. Each video will address a different element/peice of the production processes from factory games eg: convey belts, assemblers, rockets. This will allow me to talk/start discussion on these ideas and use this content to hopeful create engagement in factory game communities on reddit.


I plan to make a total of 4 of these videos during the semester with 2 being release before the beta approximately 2 weeks apart and 2 after hopefully receiving feedback from audience and BCM peers before the DA is due. 

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