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Pitch Comments

By Jessica McVicar

For my second assessment for BCM325, we were instructed to provide feedback to 3 of our peer’s pitch posts. This task allowed me to not only share my thoughts on their ideas but it also helped me stimulate different methodologies and critics to my own work.

The three reviews I conducted were to:

Tech Tok 

Brief Description: For Connor’s DA he is planning on creating 15-second videos on Tik Tok based around the topic of Artificial Intelligence. He will be researching the future of AI products, selecting relevant photos & videos, collecting important information, and posting on TikTok to reach his audience and gain feedback.

Comment:Screenshot 2020-04-10 12.46.49.pngReflection: In Connor’s pitch he inserted a production timeline (This was also done by Nicole in her ‘The future of Fashion’ Pitch post). After listening…

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CGI Technology And The Future Of Movies

My DA will explore the use of CGI technology, this is the special visual effects that are created with the use of computer software. The main software used my small companies and people is DeepFake it is often involved with swapping faces, it is commonly used in celebrity porn videos and movies.

My DA will be a series of blog posts that explore to use and effects of CGI technology, especially Deepfakes. I will also be attempting to use the software in an attempt to make my own Deepfake.


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