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‘The Movie’

As I begin my third and final year of Uni, I am only now, for the first time, being introduced to this world of live tweeting. Up until this point, I had only the smallest exposure to this world as I would scroll through various hashtags on Twitter. To be honest, the idea of it terrified me and my instant thought was “I need to prepare”.

Luckily for me, drafting your tweets is a common hack used by first-time live tweeters, so I decided I would use this to my advantage. Feeling a little more confident I was beginning to wonder “how hard can this be?”.

I can officially say, live tweeting proved to be harder than I imagined. It’s quite a challenge to watch a movie, research the movie, tweet about that research, engage in peers’ comments AND actually understand the movie and its storyline simultaneously.



I went into week 1 prepared. My tweets had been carefully drafted prior to the class, addressing a variety of prompts in the subject blog. The majority of my tweets were pretty general, addressing facts about the production costs, director, ratings and the film’s influence on pop culture, alongside various articles I came across in my research and wanted to share.

I remained active throughout the screening, interacting with other students posts; liking, retweeting and commenting. I found creating discussions to be less daunting than I imagined, and was fairly comfortable creating responses based on my own findings, however, I could have put more effort into my engagement with other students rather than on my own tweets.

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Similarly to week 1, I spent time prior to class researching the film as I found it would give me a basic understanding to help me follow along whilst live tweeting.

I decided to share something I learned in more of a humorous way to see whether it would receive higher engagement. The tweet did in fact spark conversation and led to a discussion where I was able to combine both my understanding of research and own personal opinion to form responses, as seen in the tweet below.

This insight told me that students are likely to engage with light-hearted, humorous content yet still dive into meaningful conversation and discussion on the screening.


Week 3 was our first week going online and attempting live tweeting from home. It was safe to say that the comfort of screening a movie from your own home in your own chair with some good snacks allows you to focus more of your attention on the film rather than on your discomfort.

I felt that although I have been engaging with my classmates, I needed to go that step further and put more focus into my engagement with their tweets rather than constructing my own. I am aware that both are important; however, I feel the engagement side of things is more valuable as we can raise questions with one another and share our own perceptions and observations on the film.

I also found from previous weeks that students were reacting positively to the sources I was sharing and found value in retweeting them.


This week I was receiving quite a high level of engagement from my peers. They responded particularly well to a fan fact I came across in my research and decided to share with them. One thing I did find, however, was that the sources I shared weren’t receiving engagement this week. This could have been due to a variety of reasons: the timing of the post, it getting lost in the feed or the content itself not resonating with my classmates.

I began to hypothesise this week that the reason my fact performed particularly well was because of the gif I included. I began to wonder whether the size of the tweet would determine the amount of engagement it would receive as it would take up more space on my classmates screens.


This week’s screening ended up being one of my top 2 favourite films from our class screenings to date, alongside Blade Runner. It seemed like everyone was so attached to the storyline and crazy plot twists that there seemed to be a general lull in tweets from my classmates. I was often finding myself going through periods of time, sitting with my jaw dropped and completely forgetting to tweet.

This led to my tweets not being my most thorough, however I still ensured I spent some time responding to and engaging with my classmates tweets.


Looking back on my tweets over the past 5 weeks, I think I’ve done a great job entering this world of live tweeting. I believe I made visible progress throughout the weeks in terms of making the effort to involve myself and engage in other students’ work.

I could have improved by perhaps engaging on a deeper level with the lecture materials and readings and sharing my insights from these sources, which is something I aim to work on in the next lot of live tweets. I also aim to test out my theory about the size of the tweet and see if this will have any impact on the level of engagement I receive.

Overall, I have had a great live tweeting experience so far and am ready to take on the remaining screenings.






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Live Tweeting

Over the last 7 weeks, I have been engaging in a number of screenings while also participating in something called ‘Live tweeting‘. During the screening of these movies and series, my peers and I have been engaging in discussions on Twitter through the #BCM325 which provided a fantastic medium to unpack thoughts and concepts. Live tweeting on Twitter allowed for quite a lot of discussion to happen between my peers while the screening was happening but also created somewhat of a community as we all became connected through the hashtag while talking about the screenings each week. Twitter definitely allowed for a lot more discussion to happen between my peers which was highlighted at the end of some screenings where we were prompted to talk about a theory, but no one wanted to say anything out loud. Quite interesting.

Source: https://giphy.com/gifs/ghost-in-the-shell-vBMcla2Iyt7Mc

Anyway, the first screening was an interesting 1995 anime classic ‘Ghost in the Shell‘. The movie plays with the theme of the advancement of cybernetic technology and how the body can be entirely or partly replaced with cybernetic parts.

Live tweeting this screening was a bit difficult, especially when trying to find information about the piece while keeping up and paying attention. So for this screening, I did have an insufficient amount of tweets as I was trying to figure out what was going on as well as push back the feelings of posting anxiety (anyone else?). Even though I didn’t contribute as much as I wanted to I did end up posting some tweets and they did receive some social engagement in the form of likes and re-tweets. The most interesting source found for this movie was the Reddit post, I discovered that Reddit is an excellent source to get some opinions as well as find some explanations for things that I didn’t understand which was very helpful.


westworld 1
Source: http://www.warpedfactor.com/2016/10/looking-back-at-westworld-1973.html


Next was the 1973 ‘Westworld’ screening, which played on the theme of technologies giving the privileged an experience like no other through an amusement park and visitors having free reign to do whatever they want.  When the phrase “And nothing can possibly go wrong” is used, you know for a fact that something is going to go down, and it sure as hell did.

A lot of issues and moral questions ended up being brought up in this session by my peers who were really engaging. Again, dying inside of posting anxiety is not the most helpful thing, especially when live tweeting. However, A lot of my engagement this week was focused towards liking, re-tweeting and a conversation (pats self on the back). My peers were all on the ball in this session and were primarily tweeting what I was thinking in a more elaborate way than I could muster at the time. Again, ideas of morals and technology were prevalent and undoubtedly the most crucial question that was asked in the screening of Westworld.



Source: https://giphy.com/gifs/cyberpunk-william-gibson-johnny-mnemonic-53GYFMblssTh6

Johnny Mnemonic‘, a 1995 Canadian-American Cyberpunk action thriller was the next movie to live tweet. The film portrayed Gibson’s dystopian view of the future world dominated by megacorporations.

I approached live tweeting this film through likes and re-tweets as it was difficult to pay attention to the storyline while also finding information about the film to post. I think this action thriller was the hardest for me to follow which definitely showed in my limited amount of social engagement. Although I didn’t engage much with this film, I did end up agreeing with what my peers were discussing online and again found that they were tweeting what I was thinking.

Source: https://giphy.com/gifs/the-matrix-movie-sci-fi-yl3XErRq8qmmA

The 1999 film ‘The Matrix‘ was my favourite screening and was the start of my more engaging tweets with my peers. The Matrix is a dystopian science fiction film written in the future where the reality that most humans experience is actually a simulated reality.

I approached the act of live tweeting for this week in the form of liking, commenting and re-tweeting (hell yeah), and found that my peers were having a more interesting conversation with me through twitter because of it. I did also go down a tangent with my research with this screening and found some cool subreddits to do with Glitches in reality. I found this screening and live tweeting to be a lot of fun, which made interacting with my peers a whole lot easier.



Source: https://giphy.com/gifs/black-mirror-be-right-back-blackmirroredit-VwlUsDrAWx12E

Black Mirror’s ‘Be Right Back’ (2013) was an unforgettable screening. The episode was devastating and ended up giving me full body chills.  The idea of being so consumed with grief and a company taking full advantage of this was very disturbing. Even the concept of technology being able to imitate and become someone based on their pictures, videos and (social media?) data, when they have died, is beyond terrifying, and something that I don’t think should be able to ever exist.

In this screening, the episode ended up engrossing me, and I worked on liking and re-tweeting to keep up my social engagement. I did make the odd comment and found that they also gain some engagement so I was happy about that. Again, in this live tweeting of the film, my peers were very much on the ball, and I found myself reading tweets and completely agreeing with what was being said.


Source: https://reemsaleh.com/2012/09/16/robot-frank-film-review/

The 2012 film ‘Robot and Frank’ was another screening that I enjoyed live tweeting. The film is an American Science fiction comedy-drama which draws on the ideas of domestic robots being used to help the elderly with their everyday activities.

When screening this film, I ended up live tweeting a lot more than I had previously. This was a topic that I had earlier talked about in another class and had some information to contribute to the discussion that was happening during the live tweeting. I received a lot of engagement from my peers in this screening and found that I was having some interesting conversations with people on the topic which was quite fun. A lot of my peers had quite interesting things to say, and I ended up finding some fascinating points being made during the screening that I liked (included below).


Source: https://ciberia.com.br/nasa-abelhas-roboticas-marte-36445

The very last screening was ‘Hated by the Nation’ by Black Mirror which was a murder mystery to solve a crime if inexplicable deaths of people who were all targets on social media. This episode really highlighted the power of social media especially Twitter and also the idea of mob mentality.

I ended up tweeting quite a bit at this stage and had some great conversations with my peers online. I found that it was definitely a lot easier to tweet and talk to my peers online when I had watched the episode before we screened it. I was able to find some interesting sources from Reddit, and it also allowed me to focus more on what was happening during the live tweeting and participate more. This screening was definitely my best in tweeting and engagement terms.