Digital Artifacts 2019

The Digital Artifacts for BCM325 in 2019 were required to address the future in some way and were encouraged to frame their approach in terms of the short, medium and long term.

UOW Digital Media Society

Pyatiletka: A Five-Year Expansion Plan for the UOW Digital Media Society and Contextual Essay

Educational Holography Video Essays

The Automated Future PodcastContextual Essay

Climate Change: The Horticultural Solution

Plastic is Tragic – Contextual Essay

The Migrant Diaries – FacebookInstagramContextual Essay

Growth EPContextual Essay

Walking: A future of health and fitness – videos and blog posts.

A Future Food Crisis – EP1EP2EP3

What’s Next: A Future Focussed Podcast

Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion Industry

Implants and Entertainment – P1P2P3Contextual Essay

Playbook for the Future: Sport (Video Essays) – ShortMediumLong Term

Our dystopian future – Through the Looking GlassContextual Essay

Social Robots

The Future of Online Media

Sports and their Electronic Adaptions: A snapshot of the Future

SYD Qantas Ground CrewContextual Essay

Space Travel

The Relationship between AI and Human InterpretersContextual Essay

Treatment Mobility Brace

Parents being able to choose their babies gender: how it can change the futureContextual Essay

The Drone Zone


The Land of Make Believe Podcast

Are Robots Taking Our Jobs?

Influencer Marketing in the Future

Sonar Reality: Investigating New Technology to assist those in need.

Speculation Podcast – The Utility, Value & Application of Nova – Contextual Essay

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